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  1. Capitolhillguy

    Improvements In Myvidster

    My Vidster has become much less irritating. Now most of their videos have only one pop up to deal with. If you see pop ups on the screen, best to skip those as they are very stubborn. I used to subscribe for $6 a month and it cut down on pop ups but that became an exercise in futility. Now only...
  2. Capitolhillguy

    Myvidster's Recent Downfall

    I used to love it's Tube site because you paid a reasonable fee, had minimally intrusive ads and the best and most recent content out there. Lately with the paid service you can't watch half the videos for ads and the content is for shit and half is just jo starting a few weeks ago. I quit it...
  3. T

    Myvidster saves all your tumblr porn!!!

    MyVidster Login Myvidster has made an API for easy and free storage of all your favourite porn! It works perfectly, just start the import and the API takes care of all the work.