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naked attraction

  1. B

    Naked Attraction Discussion Part II

    Hello Everyone! Our thread was closed by admin. Perhaps there were too many pages associated with it or the discussion was going on for too long (several years). So I decided to start a thread so that we can continue the discussion. The last post was about Dating Naked, the German dating...
  2. ksnpch

    M@tteo from Naked Attraction Italia

    He's so gorgeous. Anyone know the real name or Social media of him, Share it please!
  3. Chridi's new Sexy-adventures

    What about getting naked in front of his friends? Part 2 - Meeting the new couple: he is so hot!

  4. Madame X

    SOMETHING ABOUT (@egbe1988) Ernesto Guilhermo ?

  5. JayPR

    Do You Find That Seeing Someone That You Know Naked Is Rewarding?

    Don't you find that seeing someone that you know for a while naked for the first time is exciting and kind of rewarding? I am talking about knowing this friend or coworker for years or a roommate and suddenly you have the opportunity to see him naked for the first time. It has to be someone...
  6. B

    Jerome From Naked Attraction

    Jerome Trail from Naked Attraction is asking on Twitter whether he should do an Onlyfans. Go tell him what you think! I think he should, he's a beautiful guy! :p https://twitter.com/JeromeTrail/status/1340043886631268354
  7. B

    Saw My Bf Nude Pics And Don't Know What To Do Now

    Hey guys! Something really weird happened and it kinda has shaken my friendship. I really would appreciate your opinion on the topic. It's going to be a big text, because I want to give some context. I have a really good friend, who I really trust and is almost like a brother to me. We are...
  8. TwinkleDink

    Ladies, how honest would you be?

    I recently discovered Naked Attraction. It's a dating show were you eliminate suitors based off their body. But it made me wonder... How honest would you actually be? I think you would still filter your comments and even if the guy had a small penis you would say something different like "I...