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  1. B

    Tai has got OF

    So I just got hold of some content from Tai.ebanks. All I can say is Huge! He has the biggest dick I’ve seen. He has OF I contacted via Instagram. Defo recommend.
  2. Gracious_living

    Jerking buddy - true story!

    We met through friends, he worked construction and played games on his free time. We mostly talked through the games, just jokes and funny stories at first. That is, till I clearly heard the panting breaths of a guy beating his meat. "Are you jerking off???" I blurted without thinking. "..."...
  3. D

    What’s Something You’ve Masturbated To But Shouldn’t Have?

    I’ve “stumbled upon” the nudes of two different roommates over the years. The first was an actual physical photo album that my straight roommate’s girlfriend sent him to college with. Tons of pics of them naked, having sex, etc. I knew where he stored it so I took a look one day when I was alone...
  4. J

    New kik group - biggerthantherest

    Hi everyone, Me and another woman have created a KIK group called BiggerThanTheRest - a group for women who have boobs bigger than Ds and men who are longer than 9 inches. Before you rush to KIK to try and get added, there are some rules. To be able to stay in the group, you have to submit a...