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  1. My Journey

    My U. S. Navy Days

    When I was in the U. S. Navy — I was walking along a road near Norfolk Virginia, and this random kid calls out to me, asking if I wanted a Blow Job. We go into this wooded area and he Blows Me. Afterwords he wants me to suck him off; but I did not want to, so I let him dry hump me between the...
  2. TomBacchus

    "Doin' the Town," a naughty nautical novella

    Happy Holidays! "Doin' the Town," my naughty nautical novella, is free on Amazon Kindle, Dec. 21-25. Get your copy now on Amazon.com. Gabe, Frankie and Munch are three horny Navy sailors on a 24-hour shore leave in 1990s Manhattan. While they long to see the sights, they’ve also got some urges...
  3. H

    Military Experiences?

    My cousin is in the army and was talking to me about how nervous he was in basic in the showers n stuff but that he got used to it. That seeing each others dicks past basic wasnt super common but that it happened pretty frequently wen they were deployed in Afghanistan/iraq cuz of how hot it was...
  4. Q

    Photos & Videos British Military Men

    My dudes, post your hottest pics, vids and stories about the men of the British Armed Forces!
  5. Matty9205

    Andrés Navy (youtuber)

    I saw a few photos in here but no thread, so here it is :) Few screenshot from his latest video
  6. G

    Austen Alexander

    Anybody have anything on this hunk in the Navy? Austen Alexander (@austen_alex) • Instagram photos and videos
  7. andresuncut

    Joining The Navy!

    Hey! Long story short, I’m joining the Navy & was wondering if anyone here has ever served/or is serving that can tell me their experience during bootcamp! Message me!
  8. 1

    Photo Big Dicked Military Man

    Hey there, anyone have more pictures of this man, or a page we can follow? I do hope this is the right forum to post it in, and if it ain't, sorry in advance.