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  1. Reydel

    Dutch soccer

    This thread is to post cute soccerplayers in from the first 2 competition in the netherlands
  2. Yeahletsgo

    19 yo m from the Netherlands looking for someone to trade with

    Heyy! looking for someone around my age (19) and fit (I’m fit, too) to trade pics with on Snapchat. Add me: yeahletsgoooo *I don’t show face…
  3. S


    Hey there, i found some content of thedutchboyz that i wpuld like to view, but i can't actually download or view it anywhere. Does anyone have some vids already downloaded and would like to share it?
  4. I

    Dutch dom looking for subs

    Any hot, willing subs looking for a Dutch dom? Hit me up in the DMs. (Groningen area)
  5. H

    Dutch college guys Snapchat

    Hey! het lijkt mij leuk om een erotische snapgroep aan te maken met Nederlandse studenten! leeftijd tussen de 18 t/m 27! mijn snap: honeybee239903 voeg me toe en in gooi je in een groep! Zeg even dat je mij hier bent tegengekomen ✌️iedereen is welkom!
  6. N

    Mats Van Der Graaf (dutch Youtuber)

    Heeft er iemand wat van Mats?
  7. D

    Nederlands (dutch) Twitter

    Zitten er meer lekkere Nederlanders op Twitter?
  8. D

    Wouter Waayer

    Vind hem zo lekker! Heeft iemand wat van hem?
  9. S

    Mees Van Dam (dutch Youtuber)

    Mees van Dam, Dutch YouTuber. Mostly showing something in videos of friends (Lars Peterson, tiemo miedema or enzo knol!)
  10. H

    Dutch Soccer Players

    Anything on cute Dutch soccer players?
  11. V

    Guido Gijsbers / Guido Mendes

    Guido gijsbers / Guido Mendes Was on a Dutch reality show 'secret story', he alsof is a Profesional gamer. During the show fans found out he had worked as an erotic model and escort in the past. He went by the name 'valentino' His pictures were on malemodel, they Sadly got remover. Does anyone...
  12. V

    Curt Fortin

    Curt fortin Cute Dutch TV presentor, singer, actor, model.
  13. H

    Memphis Depay | Soccer Player

    Anybody got something on Memphis Depay?
  14. V

    Nigel Van Der Horst

    Dutch chef and total hotty, Nigel van der Horst
  15. V

    Kay Nambiar

    Hot Dutch guy, model, singer, TV presentor (MTV)
  16. V

    Jim Bakkum

    Dutch singer/musicalstar/actor and total hotty
  17. V

    Douwe Bob

    Douwe Bob Dutch singer songwriter Former Eurovision contestant
  18. V

    Dennis Storm

    Former Dutch TV host
  19. V

    Tygo Gernandt

    Sexy Dutch actor
  20. V

    Geza Weisz

    Cute Dutch guy
  21. V

    Manuel Broekman

    Total Dutch hotty!!! Anyone got more?
  22. H

    Nabil Haryouli | Dutch Moroccan Kickboxer

    Hung and cute Dutch-Moroccan kickboxer Nabil Haryouli. Does anybody got something from him?
  23. H

    Meer nederlanders met xxl? wie is de grootse?

    Wie heeft de grootse NL pik op LPSG? Vertel Big Dutchies.... All Big Dutch Cocks welkom