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  1. I

    Photos & Videos Logan wodzynski ( pierson wodzynski's Brother)

    HI guys, he is kinda nerdy and hot at the same time.
  2. B

    Photo ID this guy pls

  3. D

    Sev / Sevoninsta / Severin Vasco Marschner

    Er entwickelt sich mehr und mehr vom heißen skinny Nerd zum ultra heißen beefy Gamer. Leider noch nichts shirtless gefunden. Sev (@sevoninsta) • Instagram photos and videos
  4. dogfaced

    Robots With Rayguns/Lucas Patrick Smith

    Does anyone know if the robotswithrayguns patreon is worth it? He seems to have full NSFW content on it but always heavily censors anything but his butt on Twitter. I find him really attractive because he’s right in between nerdy and douchey. Attached are some pics from his Twitter
  5. I

    Video Nerdy, Geeky, Awkward Guys :)

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  6. Jonny_sub

    Who Is She?

    I wanna know who she is. If she has an only fans or cam show.
  7. AdamCrush

    Hot Guys With Glasses

    I am starting a thread for hot guys with (nerdy) glasses, kinda Clark Kent/superman vibe, smart hot nerdy glasses but body of a beast.
  8. Y

    Photos & Videos A.g. Cook? ♥

    Alexander Guy Cook (born 23 August 1990) is an English music producer, singer, songwriter, and head of record label PC Music. Saw there wasn't a thread already, took the liberty to make one myself. I find him adorably nerdy and such a soft boy hottie ♥ https://www.instagram.com/agcook404
  9. J

    Scott The Woz

    Does anyone else love him?
  10. Arianne06

    Dane cross

    He's another cute porn star. Too bad he retired :( Wishing he returns someday. I love it when he's fucking with his glasses on. His nerdy appeal is really something :D