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  1. Dutchboy2001

    New here, 21 year old

    Heyy guys I am new here from The Netherlands ;) I like to have a conversation and make new friend here
  2. R

    Cut Guys Central Europe (DACH, NL, BE, FR)

    Hey guys, I'm creating this thread for Central European guys to discuss circumcision since it's not very common here and most cut guys had the surgery when they were older. Topics are: - circumcision experience - medical issues and surgery - circumcision styles - revisions - keeping the...
  3. O

    Showing Off In Amsterdam

    Planning a visit to Amsterdam. Can anyone recommend a good hostel where you can show off and watch in? Or a hotel with a sauna/steam/pool/gym that is fun to show off in? Heard the clubs can be wild and the kink scene hot there. Any bars/clubs/dungeons/saunas that are worth a visit to show off...
  4. F

    Photo Dennis Van De Water (temptation Nl)

    Hebben jullie meer beelden van deze gozer?
  5. 8

    Hi Everyone! Greetings From The Netherlands!

    Hi all! I'd like to introduce myself: I actually found this forum by Googling myself () and noticing I was mentioned in a thread. Guess that's quite an original way of ending up here! I've been together with my BF for 5 years, and for several years now we've also been dating with other girls...
  6. M

    De Spa (dutch Tv Series)

    It's been a while since I've made a mega post here, but here goes... This thread will feature clips and photos from the short lived series De Spa, starring Annette Barlo, Davy Eduard King and Rein van Duivenboden, among others. This series follows the happenings at a luxury spa and hotel that...
  7. fenderjames

    Hi From The Netherlands

    Hi all, I'm James (28) from the Netherlands. I am bicurious and I LOVE nice thong underwear. Sometimes I like to wear women's underwear as well, so keep an eye out for any photos I might upload. Requests are always welcome! :)
  8. derrikcoba

    Amsterdam Jan 6-7

    Anyone in Amsterdam interested in meeting up? My partner and I fly in the evening of the 6th, and fly out the afternoon of the 7th.
  9. daddyandbabygirl

    Babygirl Seeks 9 Inch In Morocco And Amsterdam

    Hey all! Hot babygirl (23, CH) here with a handsome, hung daddy (22cm, 188 tall, 38 yrs, English). The avatar pic is us. We're in Switzerland generally but will be in South West Morocco from the 1st-11th of January. Then we'll be in Amsterdam 11-13th of January. We're looking for a huge dick...
  10. H

    Dutch Soccer Players

    Anything on cute Dutch soccer players?
  11. L

    Gay Cruising, Voyeurism And Spying In The Netherlands / Holland

    Hello my fellow gays. Im a 21 year old gay dude from the netherlands / holland. I have always been into cruising, voyeurism and spying. So to my fellow dutchies do you know some places for cruising or spying in The Netherlands and what were your experiences there? For example at a nude beach, a...
  12. I

    Elvis From Malemodel.nl

    have you more of Elvis from Malemodel.nl his us super handsome
  13. lovetobewatched

    Hey! New(ish)

    Hey everyone! I created an account just under a year ago but it was never used/I hadn't uploaded anything. Of course that's all changed now! Seems like there's a lively community here so looking forward to meeting and chatting to people, feel free to drop me a message.
  14. V

    Guido Gijsbers / Guido Mendes

    Guido gijsbers / Guido Mendes Was on a Dutch reality show 'secret story', he alsof is a Profesional gamer. During the show fans found out he had worked as an erotic model and escort in the past. He went by the name 'valentino' His pictures were on malemodel, they Sadly got remover. Does anyone...
  15. V

    Curt Fortin

    Curt fortin Cute Dutch TV presentor, singer, actor, model.
  16. H

    Memphis Depay | Soccer Player

    Anybody got something on Memphis Depay?
  17. V

    Tygo Gernandt

    Sexy Dutch actor
  18. V

    Geza Weisz

    Cute Dutch guy
  19. 1

    Hung Guys From Belgium/holland?

    im 25 188cm 66kg 20cm looking for a bro to chill with hit me up
  20. H

    Dutch rapper boef

    Anything on dutch rapper Boef?
  21. H

    Dellykavalli | dutch instagram/snapchat influencer

    Somebody got anything on this dutch stud? I saw somewhere that he got a huge dick and sextape leaked.
  22. M

    Help a sizequeen out! in the netherlands.

    Hey guys! I'm VERY eager to find the biggest cocks in The Netherlands region. To join me and my boyfriend in a threesome and more. Can't get enough of all the jummy and massive dicks on this site!!! I live near the German and Belgium border, so that's definitely an option too! If you got what...