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  1. Arquijoto

    New member!

    Hey I’m new here, I’m from Mexico 35, not looking for something sexual (in real life) but if you want to send some nudes you are more than welcome haha
  2. A

    Hi, new here

    Hi I'm a new to Lspg, I'm from Colombia and a bottom, I wanna see what happens
  3. D

    Hi from the Midlands, UK.

    Hi all. Almost straight lad from the Midlands UK checking in. Decided to create an account after the forum nearly always appear in my sexy Google search results. Didn't realise just how big the forum is so I will no doubt be scrolling through for the next few days. Cheers H.
  4. CDPlayer

    Long time reader, new member

    After being a long time reader, I decided to join in on the fun. Looking forward to it. Brit- American, living between NY and Berlin. Workout/lift daily, used to compete, travel for work and leisure, psychologist and government by trade, creative at heart. CJ
  5. T

    new here!

    Hey everyone, keeping this post short on here decided to give the site a try and ready to meet other members. Main reasons of being on here are for chats, cam, jerking with others (so don’t be shy), etc.. Excited for what’s to come and ready to hear back from others.
  6. M

    Hello everyone

    Hi everyone, I'm a guy who loves muscular men, gooners and bators. I love hypermasculity and everything related to men. I hope we get along well. :)
  7. T

    Hey everyone!

    Hi! Trig here. 24 as of the moment. I'm a slim-fit Asian nerd. Just exploring this new platform. I hope to meet new people and hope to get along with everyone!
  8. M

    Just Another Young Man

    Hey ya’ll, just another young man on here saying “Hello.” I’m 28 and I’m currently a college student. Not new since I’ve been on here for a few months, but technically, I am. Regardless, hi.
  9. Mattbuddy2023

    I’m back after 13 years!

    Hey everyone! Happy to be back after a 13 year break. Loved this community back in the day way back in 2007 - 2010ish. My old username was Mattbuddy, but I can’t seem to log back into that account anymore, so let’s start fresh! 34, Denver, Married, 6’5, Blonde with a thick beard. Back in...
  10. C

    Hey everyone!

    Hey there! New user on this site but fairly established on Reddit as the r/HandsFreeO moderator. I'm a 24yo bisexual dude who's into jocks, sports gear (American football, wrestling), edging, handsfree orgasms, compression gear, and probably more I've yet to discover! Get on this site every so...
  11. K_cocky

    LPSG Introduction Quiz by K_cocky

    Hi everyone! Idk how I missed this thread but nevertheless. That's my welcome quiz 1.) How big are you soft and hard? I'm about 12-13 cm soft and 19/6 cm hard 2.) Ever met anyone as big as you or close to your size? If so how big were they? I've met dicks about 19 cm long but thinner and less...
  12. patrickdi


    Morning guys! OMG let´s do this :imp:
  13. D

    Hey hope y’all doing good

    New to this site, looking to maybe post pics and chat with some friends. I’m 25 6ft2, single, hairy below and smooth chest. fit body and will start back at the gym soon once i save up. Thoughts on starting only fans? I feel like it’s cliche but i could use some extra money other than my main job
  14. D

    Sup! New guy here

    Fairly new guy here to the site. Curious 26 yo fit lad looking to meet new bros that like to talk fitness, sports, and everything else that comes along. Watching Champions League Football rn so hmu if you’re watching and let’s go from there
  15. D

    Football/Soccer Bros

    Fairly new guy here to the site. Curious 26 yo fit lad looking to meet new bros that like to talk fitness, sports, and everything else that comes along. Watching Champions League Football rn so hmu if you’re watching and let’s go from there
  16. D

    First post ever! Bi guy here seeking regular DL friend in Los Angeles

    Hi all! Been lurking for a month now and I figured I should finally introduce myself. I'm bi and looking for a friend (preferably also in a relationship/married) in Los Angeles for regular fun times. Also looking for someone who doesn't mind being patient and discreet...for DL guys like me these...
  17. msg2312

    New to Las Vegas

    Hey everyone this is my second post and to introduce myself my name is Michael I'm 32 and I currently live in Las Vegas, NV. I had been terrified my whole life to tell anyone I was gay, and I did everything I could possibly do to hide and deny it. This year I started to accept myself and let...
  18. Subbearcub

    Hi from Hungary

    Hi everyone! I'm a 20 years old Hungarian gay guy, just looking for friends, bros, people to chat with, anything really. About me in general, well I'm an introvert so kinda like a houseplant.. just let me stay inside and give me water so I survive. I like video games, music, role-playing games...
  19. logan23

    Hairy Skinny Bottom from Portugal

    60kg 177cm tall portuguese bottom, born in 1990. Love me some hairy bears, dirty daddies etc.Undies are a big turn on as well as mushroom cockheads. Dirty talking is a plus. Nice to see all the good stuff around these parts.
  20. BaxterBoi


    Hey guys I'm new here, never been on one of these before but I'm looking forward to meeting and chatting with everyone. I'm 29, gay and from BC in Canada.
  21. usateen18

    New 18Teen Boy

    I’m new here, I’m a young twink boy… skinny smooth. Half Danish/Half Portuguese. I just turned 18. I like to please. I get aroused by posting photos publicly. Even though I’m a bit scared and shy. I’m a feminine little boy with a hairless skinny body, who sometimes Iikes to wear lingerie...
  22. L


    Hey I’m new here Just turned 18 ! I’m from Germany I’ve been On here for quite a while but wanted to finally introduce myself I have a snap for "trading" If ur interested it’s Stueletso
  23. Fastandcurious

    New Here Looking For A Virtual Fwb

    Hey guys, I’m kinda new here. I live in the East Coast, I’m 36 years old. I spend a lot of time working from home which usually translates to being constantly horny. I’m looking for a virtual FWB. Somebody to maybe JO with, share pics, stories, etc. I’m into pits and bush, but open to lots of...
  24. E

    New From England

    Hey guys, finally decided to create a profile, after having been visiting this website pretty regularly over the past 2 years. How are you all doing?
  25. 1

    Sorta Newbie

    hi everyone! not super new to the site but my first time posting photos and getting a verification! you all can check them out and see what you think! hope everyone is doing good today!
  26. Thorshammer69

    Hi Everyone

    New verified member here! Fitness trainer and outdoors/ sports/ athletic guy from the US. Say hello and check out my photos, comment, chat....
  27. Arkinside

    New Guy, White Bread, Country Bred, Born Red, First Post Dread, Die 'n Your Dead, Love What's Ahead

    Hello all, This is a great looking site and I'm glad to be a part of it. Not sure what to expect but I'm at least expecting the unexpected. I'm a Midwestern, kinda shy, kinda freaky depending on the day, the minute, or the picture that just got posted by that hot know the...
  28. 7

    Better Late Than Ever

    Hi everyone. Im such a horny and dick obsessed bisexual guy. I just want to devote my life to wanking and porn. Hahaha! Well... Im not new here but I never been active until now. Im here in search for bros. Like deep and perverse bro connections. Im going to fill in the QA-listed above: 1.)...
  29. D

    Greetings From Belgium

    I've been a lurker here for a while, but decided it's high time for a formal introduction. Hey, I'm Decakapo :D I'm from Belgium, 29 years old, happily married since a few years in an open relationship :) If you guys got questions, I'm more than willing to answer all I can - I've got loads of...
  30. M

    Hey, Hope Yall Are Fine?

    I'm here looking for pic to increase my motivation to lose weight hope you guys be nice to me. Any suggestion a or tips to being healthy is much appreciated!