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  1. H

    Kinky/Depraved Stories

    I’m quite extreme (all legal) in my kinks, and I’m yet to find erotic stories that align with how kinky I am. Anybody got any super kinky and/or deprived stories from Nifty/Archive of our Own etc?
  2. K

    Straight Erotic Stories

    I know a site like Nifty or GayDemon have lots of gay sex fiction of all genres, but I was curious if anybody knows some websites/subreddits with straight NSFW stories? Surely somewhere like that must exist!
  3. Capitolhillguy

    Nifty.org Suggestions For Gay Erotic

    The story series Evan as well as The Society were both so spectacular both as stories and as erotica. Unfortunately too much of what I find on Nifty are way too heavy on the sex and little story development or they are about average looking guys or have old guys in them. I prefer multi part...