1. D

    Day 9 no jerking off

    I’m normally a pretty horny person and decided to try no jerking off for a month. I’m on day 9 and my balls feel so full. My briefs had a few pre cum spots this morning also. I can feel it building up and this is so hard to do
  2. L

    Photos & Videos Austin Whitworth @saustinlifts

    Absolute beefcake 18 year old (confirmed on his Insta). Has insta and TilTok. Member of NoFap so I keep thinking how big and full his balls must be too
  3. iluvmen

    Anal Orgasm And Cum Abstinence

    Hey guys. Currently I am in a no-fap period. I haven't cum for 7 days. And I'm thinking of going like this as long as I can in order to keep that masculine energy and male juices in place to ameliorate my overall sports performance. But I also need that orgasmic release. So I'm playing with...
  4. D


    Is there a nofap thread around here? If not, is it cool if I start one?