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  1. B

    Finding Hairy Guy On Skype

    Hi, i'm 19 italian guy Just for fun and mastubation on cam skype, with hairy guy, chest, legs, beard etc.. they are so hot Skype: iwantbear99xxx
  2. milo1730

    Chicago Suburbs, Kik And Username.

    Hi...This is for men who are in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. If your looking for a friend ,cam buddy or blow and go, glory hole that is local. Nothing more nerve racking that finding a nice buddy and then he lives out of state... What is your Kik username? What town are you in?
  3. A

    Looking For A Big Tool In Southeast Va

    I'm a bi curious guy in my mid 20's here. Always wanted to touch/suck on a nice big cock. Hope to find somebody who will let me try out my fantasy on them. I love the sight of a perfect big thick cock and it makes me hard just thinking about it...