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nude selfie

  1. G

    Photos & Videos Real Men Cocks

    I’ll keep it short and sweet: this is a thread for real men 18+ showing off their cocks (no porn pictures or porn videos please). All types of men are welcome as long as it’s real amateur pics/videos and of course 18+.
  2. D

    18 M UK, hello

    Into chavs and masculine men. I'm bi myself. Love curly hair and buzzcuts. But I like anything really. Here's a few pics :)
  3. jackthecarup

    its fit for purpose

  4. NaughtyBelgian

    Homemade porn stuff from LPSG members only

    i love making pics or vids while playing? anyone else? show us!!! :blush::blush::blush: i'll start with some oral selfies! im doing the sucking on these! hope you'll like em!
  5. G

    Id Help Please

    Can anyone help me ID this dude?
  6. C

    Full Frontal With Face

    If anyone has any pics of hot guys completely naked with face post here please. Don’t post unless face is in the pic and completely naked.