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  1. L

    NYC gyms with open showers?

    So, following my previous thread on cruising spots in NYC, are there any gyms in NYC with open showers these days? My last visit, back in 2019 I did couple of visits to several Equinox gyms and I think most of them have dividers. Also, in general, as of March 2022, gyms in NYC have been...
  2. T


    He goes by Hudson__Hunter on ig now but he has an OF that seems to be under a different name, any leads? He’s so hot!
  3. 6

    New Here - 23 Nyc Uncut

    So much eye candy on here
  4. Long-D

    Cruising Spots Williamsburg Brooklyn - Nyc

    Hello all! Williamsburg resident here, looking for other dudes for outdoor activities...
  5. D

    Nyc Drew Board & Hard

    Hi everyone, new to the site. Looking for some entertainment while stuck WFH till everything cools down. Lets chat and have some fun!
  6. N

    New York City Guys

    Let's only see NYC guys here. Post pics of faces and cocks and insta handles or names. How about Chef Fr@nco to kick it off? I am newly back to this site, so didn't know if this was the best place for this thread. Tell me if not. I'm 40, 6'1", 190, 9.5" cut
  7. F

    Charlie Riddle, Prominent Manhattan Playboy

    So this hunk is prob known to every bottom in manhattan. He’s a well known makeup artist, fucks with the stamina of a pornstar on drugs, and is known to record all of his hookups. Here’s a a clip of him fucking dylan hayes for Dylan’s onlyfans. Figured he’s worth posting about if anyone...
  8. C

    Jared Soule

    Hot Instagram performer and actor in nyc. Any nudes?
  9. vmc

    Instahunk Brogan_nyc

    Found this guy on the explorer page in insta and he just oozes sex appeal. Anyone has nudes or stories to share?
  10. BigBootyGlobalTrotter

    @summerbody (steven Araujo)

    Surprised that there isn't a thread about this stud.. NYC based. Sexy as fuck & likes to thirst trap. What a hunk... The things I'd do to him..
  11. M

    Photo Any Pics For Brandon Messina, Instagay Insta Bmessina12

    Saw him online, any of you guys have some fun or pics with him? He is really cute and sexy af
  12. M


    Anyone have his nudes? @bro.baee