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  1. BMan1407

    Couple looking for fun ideas for end of April visit to Melbourne

    Hey there, thought I would give this a go. I am visiting Melbourne late April with a buddy. He is 36 I am 60 - he likes older and I prefer younger. Thought it might be a good opportunity to try some fun stuff with other similar guys while there. My buddy is somewhat closeted so is also keen to...
  2. israsolider

    Young, Curious, & Confused... My First Time M2m (19yr St8 W/ 52yr)

    My first time was when I was 19. I was in college and believed I was 95% straight, I felt comfortable with men but not attracted. It happened while I was with friends and classmates visiting Israel one summer and I met a 52-year-old local Israeli man named Haim. I met him while at the beach...
  3. Scouse_sean

    Another True Story - My First Experience, Older Bro’s Mate

    Ok so this is the story of my first time experiencing anything with a lad. I won’t put how old I actually was as not sure what the legal position is! But let’s just say I was in the middle of high school. Nothing explicit happens I’m afraid but was so horny at the time. Ok so it was summer...
  4. James87M

    Kik Chat: Young For Older/hairy/dad Type

    Hello, Looking to chat with hairy men/older/dad types Kik: JamesMendez87
  5. 1

    Island of girls

    The island is tropical. It has palm trees, white sand beaches, and a gentle breeze. The island is home to 99 girls, all of them young and beautiful. The girls are Hispanic, and their features vary from Spanish to Amerindian. Possessing no clothing, the girls are naked: they are and always have...
  6. ddjett

    Hello from london

    Hi all, 24 years old, asian guy from london. Joined a while back, but haven't properly used it till now. Love to compare or meet in person.
  7. ramsgate18

    Dear santa (mm)

    His best friend was away from home for the first time ever at christmas and dominic felt a bit sad about it so Dominic made it his mission to keep his holiday spirits up, despite himself being a bit of a grinch it wasnt harrisons fault, he just assosciated christmas with his parents...