oral sex

  1. J

    Safe Sex Advice

    Hi, if anyone can help figure this stuff out sooner rather than later i’d really appreciate it. So i’m looking to have sex with someone/people. I know a small amount of knowledge regarding sti/std’s from what i was told the last time i was tested was that a clean person wouldn’t be able to...
  2. B

    It was good while it lasted...

    I usually write stories about my pussy eating adventures. I have had many of them over the years and hopefully I will have many more. I will continue to post about them as well but today I want to tell a story about different type of adventure I had with a certain woman I met at a Dunkin Donuts...
  3. JoeWinko4Ever

    Are there any webforums that focus on penis sucking? (besides menwhoswallow?)

    does anyone here know of any webforums were men talk about sucking penis mainly? BESIDES MENWHOSWALLOW (things didn't go well for me on that site...) & BESIDES JUSTUSBOYS (things didn't go well for me on that site either...) but are there any other webforums besides those 2 that mainly focus on...
  4. MWUS7x6

    Do your prefer cut (circumcised) or uncut (uncircumcised) cocks?

    You can make up to three choices. Male and female votes welcome, as well as all sexual preferences. Please, do not go on a rant about circumcision! That debate isn't the question here.
  5. A

    A New Assistant Part 1

    After a long, arduous weekend, Sven entered the office, dreading the usual morning run down. As he opened his laptop, he noticed an email from HR informing him that he had been assigned a new personal assistant, Maya, and that he should expect her to report to his office after orientation. Well...
  6. M

    Video Guys being serviced / Sucked until cum

    Thread created for you to share videos like this
  7. L

    Best pussy licking videos

    I am in love with licking pussy and I find pussy licking videos hot as f. Post whichever pussy licking videos you love. My preference is for videos where the pussy is wet and engorged and not wide open.
  8. J

    Need to know more about this hot photos, anyone knows then?

  9. D

    Do you swallow?

    I love giving my boyfriend oral sex, and his semen tastes fine, but every time I have ingested it, I get a rather nasty stomach-ache. Have any of you incurred similar issues? He loves to swallow my load, and has had no problem with it, and so I feel bad (although he says it's no big deal).
  10. G

    Gen Toronto Sub M seeking 2+ dom built alphas

    Love to find two well built jocks in Toronto to hang with for a bit before being dominated and put in my place on my knees. Meet up for a few drinks. Show your alpha / cocky sides ... and make me worship and service you both. Seeking guys who are built, truly into being dominant and...
  11. S

    Black in Gwinnett County Seeking Oral Sex with White Male

    I've only sucked a white penis once long long long ago. So long ago, I'm curious if it is any different. I'm older and chubby, if that is of interest to you, please DM me.
  12. J

    Photos & Videos Who's this guy?

    Hey guys, help me here. Who's this guy? He's fucking hot, I need to know your name please.
  13. NaughtyBelgian

    Homemade porn stuff from LPSG members only

    i love making pics or vids while playing? anyone else? show us!!! :blush::blush::blush: i'll start with some oral selfies! im doing the sucking on these! hope you'll like em!
  14. C

    Which Do You Enjoy Most - Piv (vaginal Sex), Blowjobs (oral Sex) Or Handjobs?

    This is for men who have had experiences with all three types. I left out anal sex since a lot less men would have had anal with a woman (at least on a regular enough basis to form an informed judgment) than the other 3 types. For me, personally, a passionate Handjob (lots of kissing etc.)...
  15. R

    Hello I'm Tom In Klamath Falls Oregon, I Am Very Oral

    Hello I am a little different, I love women but I also Love Cock very much, however Anal Sex by either Male or Female is a complete turn off to me. I am just not into it. I am into playing with and sucking on cocks though, I think about it quite often. I have given several blowjobs and have...
  16. S

    Oral Sub

    Looking to be an oral sub for all the heavy shooters out there. Based in South London, happy to travel to help you and your friends unload.
  17. Squid_Boy

    I Need Some Guidance. Asking For A Mate.

    Here’s the thing. I LOVE men. I love servicing cock! I’m the type of gay dude that will be casually strutting down the street and choke on my breath, or take a sip of water and choke. Dick though. Dick is one thing that goes down nice, smooth, and with elegance and ease. Here’s the kicker. I...
  18. Berryman

    Pleasuring A Cut Cock

    I have always been into cut cock, I grew up in boarding school; an uncircumcised boy surrounded by cut boys, or Roundheads as they were known. Whilst essentially heterosexual the formative experience of this has lead to a lifetime of admiring cut cocks. They always seemed more handsome, probably...
  19. confidential36

    Have You Ever Let Your Man Go Down On You After He Came In You?

    Last night after coming inside my wife I started kissing down her body. Once I reached her pubes, she pulled me back up her body and kissed me. After the kiss, she went to the restroom and took a shower. I haven't after her why she stopped me yet, but was wonder if the thought of a guy...
  20. Leobakker


    Hi ladies! Has any of you ever used a flavored lubricant, or are you still using it for oral sex? My wife likes to give me (only) oral sex in the bath, because she gets ‘it’ wet and that glides better. We both don't like when spitting on it. Or do you perhaps have other tips? It's a strange...
  21. R

    How Many Blowjobs Have You Recieved? *poll*

    Just a poll where I'm wondering how many times you've had your dick sucked ;D let me know!
  22. 1

    Photo Femboy Devotion

    Feminine guys (or "femboys") get a lot of hate for threatening the fragile psychologies of guys who fear the "stain" of femininity, but here's a thread specifically for enjoying feminine guys in all their glory. Share and enjoy! P.S.: Femboy does not mean transgender. NOTE If you don't like...
  23. 1

    Gay Gifs

    Post and enjoy your favorite gay GIFs files
  24. hunglowcolorado

    Orally Obsessed?

    Just curious if there are any other guys out there who are orally obsessed....like me. I am married and it is extremely rare for me to have sex with my wife without going down on her first. I love the taste, the smell, and it always gets me very worked up. I can sometimes even come close to...
  25. UnCutBlackBull925

    How Can I Like Being Rimmed?

    The issue in dating is me being rimmed. I don't feel anything from it. I know its the thing to do. I've experience three great rim jobs from three different women but the rest have been like not good at all. Needless to say a lot fights happened even I've been honest and explaining my...
  26. UnCutBlackBull925

    Help! The Male Booty - Ladies Lets Talk

    First of all I'm glad there's a place I can finally asked women ( and get some advice from the guys) some help Why do women like the butt? I don't understand why I get spank back there and stuff. It feels weird but I know its give and take and not always about me. Secondly how can I feel...
  27. AlteredEgo

    Is It Okay To Nut In Her Mouth?

    Maybe it's a regional thing. Cultural. When I lived in the Bronx, where I'm from, I'd give a blowjob, and it was over when the lucky guy released his satisfaction onto my waiting tongue, or into my greedy throat. That was an unspoken, but well understood, mutual expectation. It was the same in...
  28. ithnyguy

    Looking in ithaca

    hi, older guy here, 52, 5'9 155 looking for other attractive, masculine guys to hang out with. Just into oral sex. Hit me up with stats or pic if interested.
  29. L

    London sub for the wknd

    hi guys Coming to London this wknd fri 4th aft until Sunday 6th afternoon to visit friends. Would love to meet some of you hot lpsg guys..happy to worship your muscles and big hard cocks..curious/str8/bi/gay it’s all good. Staying with mates so won’t be able to host, staying 1/2 border to...
  30. CollStorm

    Double blowjob for hung. (boston)

    We are looking for someone that's in the Boston area. We are two buds who are looking for a truly unique individual that has been blessed with his equipment's big endowment. Big as in length or girth. It can be one or the other. If we are lucky it would be both. We would like to offer you a...