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  1. Gingerinskc

    Kansas City Oral Men

    I’m looking to find some guys in KC Metro that need cocksucker to suck them dry on the regular.
  2. 1T1U1F1F1Y

    Straight Guy Sucker

    OnlyFans Enjoy. Content is amazing.
  3. 1T1U1F1F1Y

    Links Straight Guys Being Serviced

    I've discovered this new OnlyFans content creator who specializes in sucking the needy and under appreciated straight cock in his local area. He's spent decades building up a list of hot and masculine married local men with amazing cocks that he regularly services and he's finally sharing these...
  4. 1T1U1F1F1Y

    Legendary Sukker (straight Man Sucker)

    I've discovered this new OnlyFans content creator who specializes in sucking the needy and under appreciated straight cock in his local area. He's spent decades building up a list of hot and masculine married local men with amazing cocks that he regularly services and he's finally sharing...
  5. J

    How To Please A Man Like Another Man Would?

    So it's me again. I don't intend to compete with anyone but I've heard a lot of bi men say that men usually please them better than women because they know what they like. So what do you like? Like what should one do while giving a blowjob, for example, so it will provide the maximum pleasure...
  6. toofargone

    Cock Worshipper Seeking Vacation Fun (june)

    June 16-19: Highly adept cock worshipper seeking a guy with a nice dick who enjoys a good mouth and throat. Incredible stamina for hands-free head. Girth is a major turn on. Can host at my downtown hotel between boylston and tufts. Tested negative for all STI/Ds 12/20. me in action...
  7. A

    Video The Girl Is Riley - But Who Is The Lucky Guy?

    Can anyone identify the lucky guy whom Riley Reid is servicing here? https://twitter.com/Rileyreidz/status/1361895873261805574 Lucky because Riley and lucky because huge! If this comes from a mainstream studio scene I know someone here will be able to identify it! Or at least who the guy is.
  8. B

    Oral Bb Bottom In Palm Springs California

    looking for oral top for one time or regular encounters, oral giving and receiving, ass play , rimming, kissing, toys , porno, poppers, no drama , no pain , no pee , no scat . HIV- clean covid - prefer wht.guys 40-55 ,with cut cocks
  9. G

    Suaveces And Mr_bedrock Chaturbate

    Something about them? Suaveces Login • Instagram OnlyFans Bedrock Login • Instagram OnlyFans
  10. T

    New And Looking In Tn.

    Married 52 year old white male new to the bi scene. Have received oral a few times when partying. Looking for an experienced guy or two close by to meet up with. Anyone near Cookville Tn??
  11. Playfultrader

    Ladies, Do You Like Having Your Ass Licked?

    I have yet to meet a woman that didn’t enjoy her ass being licked, but I’ve never had a woman ask for it. Ladies, how do you feel about giving and receiving a good ass licking?
  12. O

    New Guy Looking To Chat

    Just logged in from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Always horny and looking to get off with young hung dudes. Help a dude bust a nut.
  13. S

    Gaming And Guys? I'm In. (m/m/m)

    I'd not had many experiences with guys in my 32 years of life up to this point, the only times being meeting up with guys that I'd met online to suck them off; one outside, one in his car and one in my flat. So it was these same websites I turned to one saturday night when I was feeling the urge...
  14. SomedoodeMe

    Story Time

    So I decided to write a story its not a true story nor is it based on anyone just a fantasy let me know if its any good or if there's mistakes I don't have a lot of experience so I kinda just went with what I thought was hot. Be honest :) hope you enjoy Luca's Awakening part 1 My names...
  15. D

    Looking In Md

    Looking to give a regular deepthroat session to a gorgeous cock. Near Ft. Meade and I can't host.
  16. S

    Oral Sub

    Looking to be an oral sub for all the heavy shooters out there. Based in South London, happy to travel to help you and your friends unload.
  17. toprah

    Hung For Hung In New Orleans

    Hi guys, anyone in New Orleans or surrounding areas looking to meet up? I'm 26, can host in the CBD or travel around the city (including Westbank + Metairie). Love oral play. Can be generous in some situations ;P KIK: toprah 5657371
  18. G

    Philadelphia - Service 4 Str8

    Looking for a couple of str8 guys who like to be orally serviced. Safe, clean, private and discreet.


    Hey All, G/L, W/M, 64, 5'10, 220 devoted worshiper in Central New England seeking those thick girthy members who require special attention from a service oriented buddy. Love cut/uncut. Heavy pre-cummers. Facials and swallowing A+. Heavy Feeders and repeat squirters - all good. Regular...
  20. FleshlightMouth

    Coming Attractions!

    No distancing needed with my new friend :cool:
  21. Squid_Boy

    I Need Some Guidance. Asking For A Mate.

    Here’s the thing. I LOVE men. I love servicing cock! I’m the type of gay dude that will be casually strutting down the street and choke on my breath, or take a sip of water and choke. Dick though. Dick is one thing that goes down nice, smooth, and with elegance and ease. Here’s the kicker. I...
  22. L

    Should I Ask My Straight Colleague If I Can Suck His Dick

    So I work in a factory, there is this guy who is gorgeous, I literally love him, nobody at work knows I’m bi, and I’d prefer that, how can I subtly ask the guy if he’d want a blow Job, or is it too risky?
  23. 6

    New Here.. Well Not So New But

    Loving the website so far! Nigerian here living in the DMV area. Enjoy!

    Time For A New Dildo. I'm In Need Of Advice.

    I love this site because where else can I ask questions like this and get honest feedback from people that know. I'm ready to toss my rather hard silicone dildo. I never really got into it because I felt it was uncomfortable and didn't feel as realistic as I'd like. I've been hearing a lot about...
  25. J

    Throat Boy In Orange County

    I'm looking to get someone to train me to be there personal throat toy hit me I'll I'll send you pics ;)
  26. highr0ll34

    Links Gloryhole Swallow My Private Collection | Hard To Find.

    GloryholeSwallow | Keep2Share | New Ebony GHS | Private Collection | 1.0 GB GloryholeSwallow | Keep2Share | Eskimo Emma 1 GHS | Private Collection | 945.2 MB GloryholeSwallow | Keep2Share | Rebel n Tabor 1 GHS | Private Collection | 1.0 GB GloryholeSwallow | Keep2Share | UNKNOWN1ST...
  27. toastcrumb

    Budpup90 - Sexy & Cute Cub With Thick Cock

    Super cute and sexy bear. Sensual moans and great energy during sex. Anyone care to share more of his pics and clips? Looks like he used to be active on Tumblr, but now only posts on his OnlyFans (OnlyFans). Only found some previews of his scenes with DariaonSteroids. Some of my collection:
  28. J

    Video Id Them

    Do you know who they are? Name, more videos?
  29. P

    Hooking Up With A Gay Man

    As a gay man I have always had a huge fetish for married straight men. All have been very upfront about their situation. I used to find them on Craigslist, now just on the apps. Even now when I go on business trips, I hook up with at least one local or traveling married man. But I always...
  30. PNPTube

    Share Your Pussy Licking Vids

    Share your vids here! Teen pool hd Finally she's got her chief dick