1. barehole4use

    A Quicky Fuck Outdoors

    I decided to go out cruising again at night, arrived around 20:30 went lightly dressed sweatshirt, cap, jeans, sneaker & some open ass briefs under my jeans to give the fuckers good access to my ass. First i walked around the paths checking out if there were men out, there were some but it was...
  2. barehole4use

    Adidas Fucker

    I went out around 8pm it was already dark outside but it was pretty quite in the cruising & honestly i almost gave up at around 22:00pm, just as i thought this is a misser, it started to pick up. I was wearing sweatshirt, jeans, sneakers & my black open ass briefs to give the men total access...
  3. barehole4use

    First Time Cruising

    I spent my early twenties exploring my sexuality and how much I enjoyed my naughty side. I had just learned what cruising meant after watching Al Pacino’s movie. All gay themed movies were criticized at the time for exploiting and portraying only stereotypes, not much grounded in reality. I...
  4. barehole4use

    Small Town Shopping

    I was on another one of those endless business trips a week ago. I needed a few things for the week so I dropped in to the only discount store in this small town. It was quiet, no other car in the lot. At first I thought they must be closed but I saw some movement inside. A young employee, 24 or...
  5. barehole4use

    Sportswear Fucker

    I decided it was high time i got fucked again, been working hard all week with no time for sex, i arrived at the cruising late after 22pm, was already dark, not many men out cruising but there were a few, i headed straight in the bush but no one was around. I waited around & finally saw the guy...
  6. 5

    Joe Robinet (Youtuber)

    i might be the only one into him, but here goes nothing.
  7. barehole4use

    Getting Fucked Outdoors

    it was already dark outside, went for a walk on the paths first, was not very busy, some guy masculine & quite muscular was giving me the eye & cruising me, he went in the the bush & i followed, he went behind a tree, i followed. When i got to where he was, he was jacking his cock, getting his...
  8. barehole4use

    Anonymous cock & cum

    I arrived again around 22pm walked the paths at first was pretty quite, not many cruisers, some Arab guy on a step with a hoodie over his head was cruising me, so i went in the bush, got to the fallen logs, they guy was behind me, i got in position face down ass up, he came behind me & fished...
  9. barehole4use

    Cruising for Cock

    it just started to rain a little when i was leaving the house, i thought if it rains harder i will turn back but luckily for me it was light rain & soon it stopped, i went lightly dressed, sweatshirt & cap, jeans & sneakers wearing my open ass briefs under my jeans to give the men good access to...
  10. barehole4use

    Cruising in the park

    Decided to go out Tuesday night for a change, it has been a while since i went out on a Tuesday night because the weather has been pretty crap, i went lightly dressed, sweat shirt, cap, jeans & sneaker. No sooner than arriving in the park late i saw a previous fucker on a bench from a few...
  11. barehole4use

    The Stanger Who Showed Up

    Late one night when I was about 20 years old, I was standing on a subway platform, waiting for the next train to take me home after a long day of work. I decided to walk over to a row of seats near the tail end of the platform so I could take a load off. There were very few people in the...
  12. barehole4use

    Car Service

    I have four hours to waste as I waited for my car to get serviced. The garage I go to is in the middle of an industrial area so I figured I would just sit in the lounge area and read my book. There are a few other people sitting waiting for their vehicles, so I take my seat and get comfortable...
  13. barehole4use

    Horny Fishing Trip

    Here I was a 35ish guy, 140, 5’6, tight little ass, in great shape and an 8” uncut cock heading out to a local island outside Vancouver with six guys for a weekend on our buddy’s estate. Everyone was very straight except me but they didn’t know my little secret. The estate had 10 bedrooms with...
  14. O

    Camping with my best friend's dad

    “I got it! I got accepted!” I called my best friend Karl immediately after receiving the news that I had been accepted to Oregon State University on a full athletic scholarship. It was all I could do to keep from screaming the news into the phone. “Oh shit dude!” He exclaimed. “Congrats!” As...
  15. barehole4use

    Built like a brick shithouse

    This one was unplanned and I never really thought this would actually happen, but here we go. I had a mate who knew this guy. They lived across the road from each other and Nick, the neighbour, would always hang shit on him for being gay. Years went by and as it turned out there was a reason...
  16. barehole4use

    In the park at night

    If you are in the park at night & you see a bttm face down ass up, do you walk past him or do you fuck him ?
  17. M

    Help me find video of guy changing in Millenium Park!

    Hi, I was hoping someone could repost a video here that’s already here on LPSG. It’s of this guy out in Millenium Park, Chicago (Lurie Garden to be more specific) during the summertime where the camerawoman is filming him change. The Jay Pritzker amphitheater is in the background of the whole...
  18. S

    Anyone know who this naked man grilling meat is?

    Trying to narrow down where this is from or what his name is. Anyone know?
  19. Shirleyurjoking

    Outdoor Public sex vids

    I always thought couples having sex outdoors or in public was hot. The openess, the possibility of being discovered is hot. Post vids of your favorite outdoor sex scenes here. I'll start off. This one is a young cute couple who are rock climbers. The girl dangles from a rope while they do all...
  20. C

    Photos & Videos Share your/others outdoor nudes

    Shoot your risky naked pics from any place outdoors or public in general. Also sneaky pics of others (bulge, butt etc.) are acceptable ;)
  21. agentblueuk

    Video Outdoor wank / jerk

    Had cheeky edging session in a cutting footpath in town that runs along the edge of a playing field. Interrupted a few times by others so bit stop start. Didn't get fully hard again before blowing big load. Enjoy!
  22. Sensorsharp

    Public Glorholes Melbourne Australia

    Hey guys I’m a big fan of getting head through public gloryholes and I’m after some suggestions
  23. T

    ID this twink exhibisionist?

    https://thisvid.com/videos/cutie-likes-to-show-off-and-finger-his-ass/ I have seen a couple of other videos of this twink on pornhub from time to time. Wondering if anyone knows who he is or if he has more content!
  24. M

    Exhibitionist/voyeurism/outdoor Only Fan Accounts

    Hi, Is there only fans account of hot guys who feature lots of daring outdoor or voyeurism activities? Like risky exhibitionist activities. Appreciate suggestions of accounts worth checking.
  25. 1

    Photo Asian Nudist's Twitter

    I'm from Hong Kong and now working in Thailand. I enjoy being naked when I'm outside. I want to get in touch with other exhibitionists/ nudists/ photographers on Twitter for collaboration. My Twitter is HK15cmboy
  26. mascsubbttmx

    Social, Nerdy Introvert In The Streets, Deepthroat Size King In The Sheets -- Hello From Los Angeles

    Hi all! New here and happy to be part of this community. I'm eager to explore and interact. The basics: I'm software engineer with a background in physics, mathematics and computer science. I'm 31 and currently live in Los Angeles (born and raised) but have lived in Seattle, San Francisco...
  27. R

    Bating In North Georgia

  28. O

    Video Id This Video?

    Any idea who this is or if there are more videos? I think there were on pornhub but then…
  29. P

    Mr. Outdoors

    "Login • Instagram" I think this man deserves his own thread. You can share his photos here. Furthermore, I would like to know his real name.
  30. Passandre92

    What's Your Fetich And Fantasy?

    I'm pretty sure everybody have a fetich or fantasy that when facing what triggers it even not knowing very well it makes you hard. For years I didn't understand and still don't understand why I have my fetiches. Tell us which differentiated practices turns you on, if you know why or not. Also...