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  1. DeDude

    Photos & Videos South Asian Male Beauty (Indian/Pakistani/Bengali/Tamil/Afghan/Iranian/etc) both born and heritage - NO REQUESTS/PROMO/ADDS, please

    Hello all South Asian Male Beauty lovers! A place for posting pics and videos celebrating all these gorgeous men. DO NOT: - Be rude - Spam - Post unrelated content - Request pics/videos from OF, JFF, Discord or any other paid content services - Request leaks of pics/videos - Promote anything...
  2. Z

    Photos & Videos ALI WASI KAZMI

    anything on Ali wasi kazmi???
  3. G

    arab paki virgin looking for alphas

    hi i am a 20 year old arab paki sub boy with a 5.5 inch dick looking for alphas. i want to jerk off with them and get humiliated. into: sph, humiliation, raceplay, muscle guys humiliating, dom men, video call of jerking off, I'm kind of chubby (see my verification pic) i might like if a fit...
  4. K

    South asian/middle eastern men with white/interracial partner videos

    My favourite kind of porn is when there's a south Asian or middle Eastern guy playing with a man of a different race, but it's usually so hard to find, would love to see more hot vids out there
  5. Hot Pakistani Model Awais  with sex videos Subscribe to his channels for sex videos. he has a big Dick

    Hot Pakistani Model Awais with sex videos Subscribe to his channels for sex videos. he has a big Dick

    Hot Pakistani Model Awais with sex videos Subscribe to his channels for sex videos. he has a big Dick https://unlockd.me/boytraveler?tab=feed&subTab=video
  6. L

    Michael Maliakel (Current Alladin on Broadway)

    Anyone got anything on this beautiful 6'2 Indian American Hunk? I instantly fell in love the moment i saw him ♡♡♡ His person, voice ans BODY drives me crazy. Just want to appreciate his body. I hope nudes surface or something ♡♡♡
  7. Maisie

    Pakistani Men Talks [desi, indians]

    Since previous thread has been nuked. let's stay ethical this time.
  8. S

    Can Anyone Identify This Gorgeous Indian (or Pakistni) Man

    Yesterday I cam across this picture on instagram and now I cannot remove him from my mind. Unfortunately his identity is unknown. Can anyone identify him?
  9. A

    Uk / Pakistani

    I know there are other threads relating to desi men, but i wanted to create a separate thread that appreciates young pakistani men (preferably uk born). There’s not a lot of nudes out there relating to uk south asian men as most of them like to stay discreet so please post whatever you have.
  10. C

    Cuts By Safian On Instagram

    I cant deal with how hot this guy is. Only in my wildest dreams would he be gay but my God the things I would let him do to me. He could dom me all day every day and use my hole as his own personal cumdump.
  11. 3

    Indian Celebs And Bollywood Stars

    Does any one have nudes?
  12. T


    this asian guy from Birmingham, uk was on Grindr a while ago incognito. messaged him baiting him and he replied he wanted $500 for a video. look at those muscles and bulge! Birmingham (@jayofc) • Instagram photos and videos