1. Twinkslayer

    Guys getting pantsed

    Creating a new pantsed thread, also, been trying to look for this vine / video for AGES, I know someone has to have it, if so could you drop a link here or message me :)
  2. C

    BJJ men pantsed

    Just wanted to make a thread specifically about bjj men having their pants pulled down during their matches. Here are some I found so far: 3:27 /watch?v=qjpS_DfRrng 5:46 7:52 /watch?v=5LbNtORCws0 4:30 /watch?v=XsDQAQxpD9w&list=PLeVZlCgYnegI6vuP7IlZLuH-c17p6OLbd&index=77 9:33...
  3. Harambae

    Riccardo Saponara's Public Groping: is there anymore video??

    So I have only been able to find the one video of the public booty cheek spread seen across the world. Where are the other angle shots of his mob pantsing and fondling? That shit was so fucking hot! He had to have felt so fucking helpless and humiliated to have been exposed and groped all for...
  4. B

    Photos & Videos Guys losing their swimming trunks/pantsed swimming trunks

    Photos, videos, links, maybe stories (if you have) boys getting naked at beach, swimming pool, everywhere by losing trunks, pantsing, dissolved trunks prank or anyway! (I havent found similar thread yet so do it).
  5. J

    Looking for more videos of this person

    Found this guy on a video, looking for more Link to vid: Nude guys acting wild and crazy, even in public- compilation# 85
  6. 1

    Video Of Guy Pantsed At Competition

    There is this video I can’t find but it’s of this guy on stage at a competition and he gets his pants pulled down and the judge asks him to pull his pants up cause that not allowed and honestly it’s so hot. If anyone has anything close I would appreciate it. Been looking for age
  7. M

    Guys Pantsed

    Anybody have any videos of guys being pantsed? Down to underwear or, preferably, getting fully pantsed