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  1. PartyboiK

    Hiya latino from ny

    Hey guys trying this site out again, im 36 from ny. Looking to share show off ;) chat and meet a few new folks. if interested just message im open.
  2. A

    Identify this guy please!

    Hello, can anybody help me identifying the guy in the red shirt please?
  3. I

    Show in OF! Itsmysecretlife94

  4. M

    Sex-positive electronic parties in NYC?

    Hey guys! I used to live in Berlin, Germany, and ever since moving to NYC I've been missing the energy and freedom of Berlin nightclubs. I'm looking for sex-positive parties where everyone is welcome, where you can dance freely to good electronic music but also play. I found Harder (often in...
  5. N

    Photos & Videos Looking for pics of nude guys wearing minimal costumes like headgear, gauntlets, wings, ears etc.

    Like if a group of nudist friends decided to throw a 'nude costume party' and they all showed up dicks out, bare-assed, but still definitely recognizable as characters. Could be wearing hats, helmets, jewelry, shoes, gloves, tails and other things like that. Also carrying stuff like weapons...
  6. BADway

    Sex Party In Venice?

    Hello beautiful people, i am not sure if this is the right place but i am gonna ask anyway I am traveling to the gorgeous Venice next month with one my bes friends, and we would like to make it special and go wild a little bit, we want to make a chilly sex night there with some vodka, light...
  7. R

    Is There A Video Of These Pictures?

    Wondering if anyone knows if these pictures came from a video. Or, if anyone knows these people. Kinda hot
  8. Harry_1993

    London Wank Meet

    Any hung guys in or around London fancy meeting up and bating off to some porn? Into edging up a big load and shooting anywhere I can. I have cockrings, good lube and poppers to throw in too. Open to any porn too - see my profile for pictures if keen.
  9. 1

    Seattle 12/20-12/22?

    Anyone in or around Seattle next weekend? Looking for somewhere fun to check out and maybe get into a little fun ;) Clubs, bars or spa recommendations??
  10. C

    Wank Buddy London And Bukkake Party

    I'm going to do a bukkake party end of November in London, I'll be the cum pig. If you guys are interested you are very welcome.
  11. Zonefreeguy

    Sydney Top Straight Guy To Pnp?

    Anyone straight but open minded and keen to chill and puff? You kick back like a king watching porn while I worship your cock. 30yo Good looking decent slim fit smooth guy here. Hosting in inner SYDNEY. Discrete.
  12. R

    Naked Stag Event Ideas?

    A straight friend of mine is engaged and his wedding/stag party will be next year at some point. We all believe the groom is essentially a closet naturist and is well known for getting naked at the drop of a hat. It used to be just when he was drunk or trying to be funny. Over the years he has...
  13. Dropplers

    Well-hung Guy At Party

    I love clips of real guys (not actors) goofing off at parties, pulling their long dicks out for fun, frat guys doing the helicopter, rocker dudes teabagging their drunk friends at festivals, putting their dicks on stuff... that sort of stuff. I thought we could share clips in this thread...