1. D

    Photos & Videos Friday, November 18 … Season 6 of Elite Netflix

  2. T

    Does anyone know anything about this extra from

    He's been in a few of their videos by now (Wet Ass Car Wash, ), and maybe in a few more? My spider-sense says that he's probably french canadian, but I wanted to know if anyone knew who he was? Gay, straight? Mostly looking for his twitter, Only Fans, or Instagram for wholesome reasons of...
  3. D

    Jayden LeBlanc

    Does anyone have any material on this guy? He's Patrick LeBlanc's 18 year old brother (according to his Instagram profile). Jayden is the younger brother, and very handsome. Here is the link to his Instagram: Since his brother (Patrick) goes nude...
  4. C

    Patrick John Flueger

    I don't know if you people know him, he plays Adam Ruzek in ChicagoPD and he is one of the guys I would love to ride. So anything on him? Spill it! ;)
  5. sentfromhellbruh

    Patrick Lemoi (lemoi_patrick)

    This hot doctor from instagram. 8
  6. T

    Patrick And Breezy Sextape?

    Is real?
  7. Ilovetomh

    Patrick strong (90's house)

    He is so Dam Hot