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pencil dick

  1. N


  2. N

    Hunk small dick

  3. N


  4. M

    Photo Do I have a pencil dick?

  5. P

    Guys With Skinny Penises

    Any guys with thin cocks feel like sharing their dating expereiences. Has a partner ever made comments about your lack of girth that made you feel bad or possibly turned on ? Or have you ever had an awkward sexual expereince because of your skinny cock (ie. lack of friction). Having a thin...
  6. 7

    Show Off Your Pencil Dick

    Post your pencil dick. I am just under 8” in length and about 5.4” in girth.
  7. skinnymini

    A poll for the girth of my pole

    Extra points if you leave a comment explaining your vote!
  8. C

    Skinny pencil dick thread: the thin & girthless cocks of the world

    there's a massive thread dedicated specifically to small penises so I wanted to have a thread for ACTUAL skinny penises, whether long or average or below average in length but with some clear cut guidelines. Tell tale signs of a pencil dick are: * very "flimsy-looking" penis (looks like it...
  9. C

    Skinny dick thread

    if you got a skinny one like me or just like skinny dicks in general, show it off!
  10. C

    Best sex positions when fucking a skinny dick?

    help a dude out, i wanna have a fighting chance of pleasing a girl like a thick guy does
  11. C

    Are thin cocks just as bad or worse than a short cock?