1. ogre

    Guys fucking other guys with dildos - videos

    Thread for a niche thing I find hot in porn - a guy having a dildo put inside of him by another guy. It almost seems hotter than regular sex, if you think of it as the bottom not being worth the top’s real dick, but still having his hole used, especially if the top is straight. I’ll start with...
  2. J

    Double Anal Penetration

    Hi guys, do you know this bottom? Cant find him in the internet :( Double Penetration
  3. tazzman7777

    rear view photos and videos taken from behind in gay porn

    this is my favorite angle in gay porn partictularly when they are laying on their stomach getting fucked with the camera close up watching it go in. post some more videos and pics of videos that you know have this view.
  4. D

    What Can I Do If My Anus Is Hyperlax?

    Hello, I need advice please! I'm 18 and I've been with my boyfriend for 3 months. I've done my first time with him and I thought his penis was too large for my ass but it went good... Turns out my anus is hyperlax! I didn't know this was possible but now he can come inside without any lub (and...
  5. F

    How Is It Suppose To Feel?

    When you are bottoming (getting rammed) how is suppose to feel? I have been fucked a few times over the years, and I still don't get any real pleasure from it. A variety of guys have done me (safely) and I've been rimmed and such beforehand, but it still feels like I got to poop.... nothing...
  6. J

    Video Id Them

    Are there more videos of them?
  7. J

    Video Id Him

    Who is he? I need mor of him!
  8. 4

    Fuck My Fleshlight Pussy While You Wank Off

    Very keen to skype with a well hung huge big cock that is 8+ inches THE BIGGER THE BETTER age doesnt matter its the big cock I want to see while Im bent over hammering and pumping away. I really enjoy fucking my flesh light toy pussy over the end of my bed spreading my ass and legs wide , while...
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    Photo Penetration Pics

    These are absolutely the hottest pics ever, if you guys like penetration pics, please drop them down below.
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    My anal orgasm video collection

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    Share moments of penetration

    seeing an engorged cock head entering a moist pussy triggers great feelings for me every time. Alas my wife won’t let me capture our private moments but if you’re willing to share yours it’s greatly appreciated.
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  18. N

    Bisexual 4some sandwich

    Does somebody have a video/pic/gif of a foursome, where two guys dp a girl and one of the guys additionally gets fucked in the ass?