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penis pump

  1. arjames

    What Was Your Experience With Penis Pump

    I have been thinking about trying a penis pump but don't know anything about them. What do they feel like? Does it really do anything to increase penis size, temporary or long term?
  2. luvbigfeetnmeat

    Socal Cock Pumpers

    Looking for other guys in the SoCal area who are into Penis Pumping. I'm new to it myself, and would like to perhaps find some guys who would like to pump together.
  3. UnCutBlackBull925

    Goal To Be Swole

    Want to get bodybuilder big with goal on stepping stage next year. I been looking at lot videos and finding a lot great subject matter anyways I was share with hopefully others to join in. I will do my best to accredit the guys
  4. UnCutBlackBull925

    Update On The Penis Growth And Need Help

    Good morning everyone how are you all doing? I gotten a great product Gres cacoa from the islands and electric bumped - still kept my rings and edged. in 4 months I have seen great progress and my bulge is more noticeable Issue I have is reached the tip of pumped so I need longer chamber and...
  5. sizeking87

    Pumping Question

    Got a great pump from Thickwall cylinders, and had some success with it, but haven't been great at staying consistently disciplined. Main reason is: I'm under the impression that to properly pump, you need to be aroused... so I've only pumped when I commit to sitting down with porn and...
  6. C

    Magic Mike (penis Pump Who?)

    In the first Magic Mike movie, Joe Manganiello's character has a penis pump scene? Is that really him or a penis stunt? You can also read it here: Joe Manganiello’s Turn as Big Dick Richie in ‘Magic Mike’ and His Road to Hollywood Does anyone know?