penis stretching

  1. biegeparlay

    All Day Stretching

    So yesterday I finally got the routine down to wear the stretcher at work. I’m 6.5” uncut so the foreskin has been an issue. Once I figured out how to do leave it own without any pain, I went 2 hours without taking it off. Walked around fine around coworkers and did some labor around the work...
  2. E

    Routine E For Stamina

    I’ve posted this question before without much help. Does anyone have a routine they have used to help with premature ejaculation?? I can cum in a few pumps when having sex.. I usually take Kratom or other drugs during sex to make it enjoyable for my girl but I’m tired of having to rely on...
  3. S

    Penis stretching may work to improve penis size

    penis stretching may work to improve penis sizes if performed correctly and over time. There are many methods that can be used for this purpose but must be used with care.