1. Mss_Adi

    interesting people for sexting and sex

    Hi guys .. I was looking for someone to meet online .. I have both Skype and Telegram accounts and I would like to chat and have virtual sex with someone who is a really interesting persona .. In my country it is seriously difficult to find someone who stands out from the crowd, and who means...
  2. NicHalliwell

    Photos & Videos All My Crush

    Oliver Forslin (@oliverforslin)
  3. Lé_Asmith

    People Throwing Out Celebs/youtubers Merch

    I don't get why people think buying a celeb/youtuber's merch and throwing it out when that celeb/youtuber gets cancelled is hurting them. They already have your money, they don't care about what you do with the merch after you buy it. All you're doing is throwing away something you spent...
  4. marriedasian

    Do U Care If You're Dating Someone Who Is Also Dating Other People?

    if you found out that the person you are dating is also dating other people, would that bother you? this is assuming that you two have not made the decision to go exclusive. you're just still "dating" whether it's the 1st date or the 3rd or the 6th date. would you even date someone at all...