1. N

    Jos Alvarez from broke straight boys

    hello. just curious , does anyone know his social medias? is he straight or bi/pan? I've found nothing about his information. he's so cute and hot. He has a beautiful face and petite body, and very passionate in the videos from bsb.
  2. Chev


    I wanna start a thread about this cute thai. istg he's so sexy. He doesn't seem to show his dick on twitter so feel free to show us content from his OF (I'M BEGGING YOU).
  3. asiansugarbabe

    Heyy i'm new here. Asian 23/F. Looking for some fun :)

    Hey everyone! I'm new here. My name is Mitsy. Just a small asian girl looking to please you.
  4. littlekaitt

    Mylittleathlete (f)

    hey everyone! Not sure if this is the proper place to post this but I wanted to write a post and let anyone know about my OnlyFans page! I'm a tiny triathlete who loves big cocks and showing off. I post daily, have a lot of solo videos as well as lots of passionate 1 on 1 content with my very...
  5. C

    Looking London

    Dont think this is the best place to find a boyfriend but it's a start to what I need. I'm petite, black female nearly 40 but look much younger. Looking for tantric massage, coffee first to make sure were both comfortable and attracted. Not had sex for nearly two years after I left my stupid ex...
  6. F

    Sweet Girls Fucked Rough And Deep, No Merci

    Innocent looking girls get fucked hard and dirty. Insulted, spitted on, fucked ballsdeep till their legs shake, gangbanged, creampied, slapped, streched out, hate fucked, used as fuck dolls... It's also hot when the girl is shy at the beginning and turns slowly to a nasty slut This one feets...
  7. P

    Hi All ;)

    I hope you will enjoy time with me here ;) Im petite 26 yo blonde girl and my bf loves when guys adore me ;)
  8. 9

    Slang For A "petite" Man?

    If I were placing an ad to chat with a slim guy who is on the short side is there a particular descriptive word I could use?
  9. talldarkuk

    Short Girls With Big Natural Tits (pictures Preferable)e

    Anyone know some pictures of some naturally busty girls, shorter the better (say 5ft and under). a picture of them next standing next to another person would be good as it shows the height difference :D
  10. P

    My Girl

    Hope you like (I have permission for this, we also do wife sharing in the uk for anyone interested.) she’s 22 and very petite if that’s anyone’s type.
  11. special delivery

    Love Petite Girls

    Hi All, Str8 guy here and I have to admit I love petite girls who love larger cock. so sexy to me and it also looks so nice to slide inside. I imagine I'm not alone. on snap and kik - peternyc777
  12. Y

    Are You Too Big For Her

    This is a thread to post pics of preferably small and petite chickies that you would consider you are simply, “too big for.” That you would consider, not able to take “all of you” either orally or vaginally. Above is mine.
  13. Avatar ChiChi

    Photo This Twink Needs Our Help!

    This cute boy needs an excuse to show us more.. Check out @TonyChiVo1’s Tweet: TonyChiVo on Twitter
  14. L

    We are looking in northwest florida

    We are looking for a young attractive well endowed guy between the ages of 18-45. Someone that will enjoy texting Cam and meeting. Looking for a guy who is easy enough to make everybody comfortable but strong enough to take control. When we were in New York we had a steady find like this would...
  15. Adomfg

    Ladies struggling to take it ?!

    Hey everyone! Just wondering if there is a thread an where the ladies struggle to take a huge cock ? Or if there isn't, lets start one! Here! Cheers guys, Adomfg
  16. F

    Morphing pussy: tight pussy lips that stretch/open/gape when penetrated

    I'm obssesed with girls that have a tight/small looking pussy but ass soon as they get penetrated they're pussys just opens up. Haley Sweet is the perfect example specially in that scene with shane diesel: Look at her tight pussy lips glued together at 14:10 And as soon as he enters at 14:31...