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phallosan forte

  1. D

    New To Pe And Seeking Clarity On Gains!

    Hi all! I’m seeking some advice from the more experienced in PE out there . So I’ve been using hydromax pump almost religiously for a solid 5 months and have been using the Phallosan forte for almost 3 months now, and have just added the “Phallosan plus “ to the schedule too. I’ve been strict...
  2. Rocky1988

    Pe With Phalloson Forte And Bathmate.

    Hi guys, Been doing basic PE routine for an year on and off. Did JP 90 couple of times and modified few things suggested in Pegym website. EQ became much better because of PE. Not sure whether I got any significant gain or not. Anyways, I got a bathmate 3 months back, wearing it on and off. Now...