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  1. N

    Best Friend’s Cock

    I saw my best friend’s cock when he showed me some of his nude pics he was sending girls years ago while we were hanging out. I can’t really remember what it looked like or how big. He has also seen mine while I was wasted, also quite a few years ago now. I want to compare cocks with him side by...
  2. Bencali91

    Advice for nice pics needed

    He’s guys, im 30 fit German guy. Looking for advice to take some nice pics of me. Got a new phone and all old pics were deleted. You know what positions and angles are cool? What are your turn ons? like to show off by yourself? Your advice is needed. Reply, dm or Kik me: luk91cgn. plz be slim...
  3. D

    big boobs have their uses, but lets celebrate girls with flat chests! -no pussy pics- ;)

  4. B

    Hmu if interested

    Selling content of ur pickinglet me know what u like and ill do it if i agree
  5. D

    Looking For Kik Friends

    As per title, I am searching for friends to chat using kik. I don't have much time for cam2cam, so I prefer to chat and exchange pics or short vids on kik. What I am searching for: 1) both men or women, doesn't matter. 2) being fit is a plus. 3) I am into kinks or roleplay, but I don't have the...
  6. L

    X_renexx - Tiktok, Insta, Twitter, Onlyfans

    Hey lads, Does anyone have anything of this super cute gay fellow @x_renexx (on nearly every social media it's his Nick), his real name is Rene Schwarzfeller he is from germany and 23 yrs old. He used to be kinda of a slut and posted a lot of this - but there is nothing left :( Thx in reward
  7. Vashtham


    Hey:) I made a thread for Londoners to interact with each other, share pics and whatever ends up happening here. I'm a 19yo twink based in central.
  8. cianudesfc

    Brandon Santos Y Kevin Santos

    Hey guys, I was looking for nude and videos of Brandon Santos and Kevin (his brother). They usually share vids and hot pics in Twitter. But, other contents just in Onlyfans. Well, yesterday I founded some contents on the internet and I will share if you guys (Sorry for the bad english, I'm...
  9. Makinaa

    Jennifer Lopez Bikini And Nude Pics

    More bikini and nude pics from Jennifer Lopez... Jennifer Lopez bikini and nude pics | Celebrity Galls
  10. Jakedayz7

    Dustin Steele

    Any thing new ? Social ?
  11. J

    New Member - 29 Horny Bi Guy

    Heyy, 29 here from Canada and Bi. Love taking pics and vids and showing off. Love to chat with people over the world and trade pics and vids. Chatting with a couple is super hot too and seeing homemade pics, but I love chatting with anyone and trading. Hope to meet some new chat buds! Love to...
  12. B

    Kevin James Bodybuilder Infodump

    Short bodybuilder and Marine with cute face and fragile alpha personality. Perfect if you get off to toxic masculinity and guys who are jacked to compensate for their little dicks, but get distracted by how political Davy Michael is. Had a confederate flag tattoo, but had it done over, so that’s...
  13. J

    Photo Share Your Macro Mode Closeup Photos

    Hey everyone, I see sometimes some cool close friends posts on Instagram with super macro photos of what is clearly someone's dick, I tested my own macro camera and you can get some great shots. For instance, I thought of using one of these as background for a story on instagram or...
  14. 1T1U1F1F1Y

    What's Your Opinion On Onlyfans?

    I've just discovered my straight, admittedly hot tradie older brother has decided to create an 'Onlyfans' to earn an extra bit of income. I don't know whether to feel proud of my bro or slightly aghast but I'm choosing to go the fist bump route. How would you feel about a relative doing...
  15. Alexdustin

    Pics Of Your Ex

    Do you still keep naughty pics of your Ex in your phone?
  16. TrueB2

    What Pic/vid Would You Want To See?

    I made this in another forum then realized this forum was here lol sorry. But as stated there if I were to post something what would any of you like to see? (I'll try to make the top voted ones happen, but no promises lol) I just want to try and be more active here because this site has helped...
  17. G

    Bored In Long Beach Looking For Some Fun

  18. B

    Robby Echo

    Real hot young stud that does porn
  19. D

    Photo Dickposer88's Account Deleted, Anyone Has Pics And Vida Of Him?

    His account is no more. Anyone still has his pics and vids to post them here?
  20. M

    Like To Swap Pics?

    and analyze/comment? Hit me up
  21. Vinty

    Johnny_llee Pics/vids

    anyone have anything on him? He’s so beautiful and some of his professional pics have decent dick prints lol
  22. T

    Photo Danish Boys From Instagram

    I have a little bit of an obsession with Danish boys on instagram, I wanted to create a thread here but I have no way to make sure they're all over 18 and I don't want to break the rules. So I created a Tumblr! (even though I swore off Tumblr after they banned porn) Tumblr I'm sorry for the...
  23. 1

    Artifacts Of Tumblr

  24. J

    Feet Pics?

    So I'm low on cash. Who would wanna purchase pics of my feet? I'm Puerto Rican and Cuban, tan, size 8 feet, slightly hairy toes, toenails always clipped and filed. Pre or post gym. Socks or no socks. Inbox me
  25. Topbreed

    Photo Give me a " v" - reach for the sky

  26. NMNM

    Guys in harness (eg rok climbing)

    Have a straight mate who I saw in a whole new light when we went rock climbing and he wasn’t harnessed up. Turns out had an enormous bulge (I’ve since managed to suck his huge cock). Now got a thing for guys crotches framed by a harness. Not sure if there’s a thread of this already but my hunt...
  27. Y

    Luke marko. fit af!

    anyone subscribed to his OF? It’s marko1994. Instagram name is: fitnessbymarko
  28. J

    Photo Fred larsen aka bear_girth

    this guy (Fred Larsen) has an onlyfans page (onlyfans.com/bear_girth). Anyone have these nude videos and pictures available to share? :)
  29. newvaguy23

    Photo Exhibitionist tumblr pages

    I'm looking for Tumblr pages and/or content from Tumblr pages by male exhibitionists. Content posted must originate from a Tumblr user's page. Attractive/fit guys preferred (subjective, I know). Include sources so we can follow and appreciate. Limit users' personal details please. This thread is...
  30. hectorbbk

    What could the poster above do to improve his/her pics?

    So many terrible pics of great dicks on here. Feedback’s a gift so let’s up our game!