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  1. joplissu

    New Member, young, vers, thick cock and ass.

    Hope you guys like my pics
  2. Maruspero

    [HUNT] Guy with Septum

    Anyone know who this is?
  3. Danter11


  4. C

    Please help ID this hairy hunk

    Hello saw this picture in a hole pic thread. OP doesn’t know his name but I neeeeed to know he’s perfect lol.
  5. H

    Photo Anyone know who this pierced and tatted hung guy is?

    did a reverse image search on multiple sites, but can't find a name or more pictures. there's apparently a video of them getting sucked, but it's deleted with no name.
  6. D

    Please ID this str8, alt, white-dreads, pierced cam guy with a huge bubble muscle butt

    6 or so years back I saw this funky, beefy, voluptuous Adonis for the first time - bare, muscular and naked except for a teeny g-string - squatting deeply as his huge, plump as cheeks faced the camera and spread to reveal his slutty hole. He quickly proceeded to dildo and stretch his pretty...
  7. M

    New here... Large pierced penis cums is with

    What's up y'all. New to the group. I'm have a larger than average pierced member, and livres to shoot far. From the Cleveland area. Love to swap pics, stories, and show off (in person and online). Let's see how this site is...
  8. P

    Help me identify this muscle twink

    Can anyone identify this hot tattooed twunk with big cock? Found him years ago at a old website.
  9. Lost cover


    After many years of wanting this. I finally got it done and even done it my self. Check my new frenum piercing
  10. spectrumthreads

    New Ink And Metal

    Howdy fellas. I’m thinking of several new tats and piercings I want (call it a Third-Life crisis) - aside from my ink ideas, I’m thinking of a nose hoop and a PA - I already have both nips, both lobes, and a cartilage piercing, plus one tat on my shoulder. I want a big thick PA, and I want to...
  11. V


    emome92 just started an OnlyFans. I don't know if anyone is subscribed to it, but he used to post hot stuff on Tumblr, so I thought I'd share the photos I saved from there before they nerfed all the porn. OF: OnlyFans Insta: @emome92 • Instagram photos and videos Tumblr: Log in | Tumblr...
  12. Uniballer

    Pissing At A Troff....pierced

    So there I was getting rid of my ice tea in a dimly lit restroom at a county fair. I had my meat out to piss, half way trying to not be seen. Major Asshole walks in talking on his phone stands next to me, a little too close, then tells his buddy about my little pierced cock. I pushed out all...
  13. B

    Hey! Scottish Guy Here.

    Hey everyone, curious 26 year old from Scotland, longgg time lurker on here and I've never spoke, liked or contributed until the past few weeks but I'm enjoying myself more than I thought I would haha! Usually too shy but why not? Anyways just wanted to let yall know that I'm impressed and I...
  14. L

    Photo Who Is This Beefy, Pierced Hunk?

    Any idea who this is? He is hot as fuck, but can't find any social media profile to him. 1640092 1640102 1640112 1640122 1640132 16400721640082