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  1. fastandfurious01

    What Kind Of Nipple Wear Is This?

    Hi guys, Just wanted to know if any one can let me know what this guy is wearing on his nipples. Is it a piece that only goes around the tip or could it be some kind of piercing? If it’s not a piercing, I’m guessing it’s available to buy from sex shops... Thanks guys
  2. spectrumthreads

    New Ink And Metal

    Howdy fellas. I’m thinking of several new tats and piercings I want (call it a Third-Life crisis) - aside from my ink ideas, I’m thinking of a nose hoop and a PA - I already have both nips, both lobes, and a cartilage piercing, plus one tat on my shoulder. I want a big thick PA, and I want to...
  3. J

    Anyone know this girl/scene??

    Is anyone able to identify this girl? ..and/or maybe a source of this video? Negrita Con Tremendo Gusto | Xpaja Negrita Con Tremendo Gusto | Xnalgas - Tube XXX, Sex Amateur, Free Porn, Latinas XXX Thanks in advanced!