1. pnpfun


    Love showing off my hole
  2. pnpfun


    Pig from Boston looking for other fun men of any type, extra points if you like to have fun (smoke).
  3. M

    Daniel Maudlin

    names he’s gone by: Daniel Maudlin / Maudjr / Danny Maudlin / jockswitch / lordmaudlinbitch / batormania / Dan47478770 dude is a gooner and pops up everyonce in a while by a different name each time. He used to have the hottest fucking content and I can't find any of it anymore :( Twitter link...
  4. CookieOtter

    Where is this clip from?

    Just stumbled across this hot clip. Anyone know where it comes from? Any info is appreciated.
  5. T

    Married Pig Sub Male for humiliation, degradation.

    Married pathetic male sub. Please humiliate me badly, degrade me harshly, on cam. I am in the UK and will be available around 10:30 /11pm onwards tonight, after wife goes to bed. Will have had Viagra. Please give me jerk off instructions, different techniques but not let me cum and eat any...
  6. T

    Dirty Pig Sub Male For Humiliation, Tease, Denial And Punishment.

    Please I would like a dominant (sex does not matter) to add me on skype - humiliateme3 Pig sub married male. Please pick a num 1 to 31 from my control list. PLEASE DENY ME of cum or make me drink but not piss even if i am leaking and really sensitive. Degrade me, humiliate me, use me for dirty...
  7. T

    Humiliate, Degrade, Dominate, Edge, Deny Pig Sub Husband

    Dominant's please add me on skype- humiliateme3 or kik - guidemy Please Use this pig sub husband on cam, wife is unaware. Please pick a number 1 to 31 from my control list(see below). PLEASE tease me and make me drink but don't let me cum or piss even if i am leaking and really sensitive...
  8. T

    Please Control Pathetic Husband Pig From My Task List On Skype.

    skype is humiliateme3 PLEASE DO NOT let me cum or pee even if i am leaking, begging and so desperate/sensitive. Degrade me, humiliate me, make me do dirty filth .Make me drink but not go to relieve myself. Pick a number from my list to help control me, see list below.... 1-Normal 1a-stroke...
  9. T

    Please Use Me On Skype - Male Married Pig Sub

    Please give me Jerk off instructions, humiliate, degrade me. Punish, tie, pull my cock and balls, make me put my finger anywhere on body and lick clean. Make me sniff lick suck wifes dirty stained panties. Humiliate my tiny cock. Deny my cum, tease my cock head, make me drink lots water but not...
  10. MattMatters


    New hot and HUNG guy on OF: Thomas_boss Showing only adult content, solo videos but also where he is having serious fun with other guys, definitely value for your money PS the pic is from his Instagram
  11. T

    Married Sub For Online Now For Humiliation/cum Control

    PLease control me on skype....humiliateme3 Love feeling desperate to cum and pee but not allowed to relieve. Give me JOI, SPH, CBT, A2M. I am a filthy pig with wifes dirty panties and a few hours to degrade and humiliate me.
  12. T

    Dominants, Please Use This Married Pathetic Chubby Pig Sub

    I will be online on skype for humiliation, degradation in about 1 hour. Please control how i jerk/tease my cock and balls but deny me of cum. Make me drink water but not relieve myself until i am so desperate i don't know if i will cum or pee. Cock head play until i squirt. CBT, SPH, Dirty ass...
  13. A

    Photos & Videos @curated.filth (robert Hunt)

    anything on this gorgeoys dirty piggy? ♥♥♥
  14. S

    Subs Looking For A Mistress

    Hi all. I am a life long sub who has a reliable mistress. Mistress works on many platforms (skype, kik, SC, twitter, Insta and more). If you are interested in becoming her new toy either contact her on kik Domsashark13 (tell her sb4dd sent you please) or message me and I'll pass on your...
  15. B

    Horny Florida Military Guy

    I found on Tumblr the following pics of this guy “ Ronald C. “ who seems to be a Florida military guy and a very horny pig Does anyone have more?
  16. Kuzzoparks

    New port richey florida

    Looking for a cockworshipper. To hang, get feed regularly Back in the area