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piss watersports

  1. D

    Manchester Foot Worship And Piss Kink

    27 year old in Manchester looking for hot guys who want their sweaty feet worshipped or are looking to piss all over a sub. Both scenarios will result in my sucking you off until you cum all over my face, in my mouth or anywhere of your choice. I can accom so if you're interested just send...
  2. D

    Kik Watersports

    Anyone up for watersports fun on Kik? Sharing photos, videos and stories. Solo chats and maybe a group if there's enough of us. Kik: hbkfan43
  3. Oyster21

    Piss Drinking

    Looking for vids where the guy actually swallows piss like in those: Viktor Rom che piscia in bocca Two Young Guys Are Drinking Piss From A Black Cok ! | Hotntubes.com Slamboyz - Michael Lucas Pisses On Ruslan Angelo
  4. 6

    Manchester Piss Drinking

    Any guys in Manchester up for letting me drink their piss and other kinky stuff? Message me
  5. Jack Hammer

    Amsterdam Cum Dump

    Anyone interested in participate in a Saturday noon sex session? Dutch slut bottom friend hosting, Looking for really hung guys between 20-40 years old, willing to dump their loads in him. Piss and spit also allowed. DM for more details.....
  6. T

    How To End A Complicated /financially Dependent Relationship?

    I've been in a relationship with my partner for 15 years now. It been sexless for 8 but it's only in the last few years I realised I don't love him, but feel a huge sense of responsibility towards his future safety and well-being. We are well off as a couple, and have a luxurious home but my...
  7. 5

    Video Happy piss guy?

    hey guys... can anyone point me to source vids for the happy piss guy? He’s slim, bearded, enjoys pissing and cumming on himself, dressed and undressed, with a huge happy smile on his face. I used to see his vids on tumblr, but can’t find him anywhere else. Thanks!
  8. 1

    I'm a total piss lover

    At one point some years ago I have decided that I wanted to taste piss. So I hooked up with a random stranger from grindr who was up to let me drink his piss. He was a well trained hunk, and he let me drink his piss. It was like a drug. I got hooked immediately. The combination of sucking a hard...
  9. R

    Nice long piss

    Need to do a new one 1305082
  10. J

    London dirty wank meet

    Hey there guys, am looking to have a wank meet of about 4 or 5 guys at a hotel room in london we can discuss where and what not when theres more people who are interested. Straight, bi gay all welcome however please be under 30 and also loking for meet with no touching involved, also the porn...
  11. I

    Pissing while jacking

    ive seen a few posts about water sports with someone else. but recently i started jacking off and pissing on myself & in my mouth...was wondering if anyone else has tried that?