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  1. V

    AI porn

    I think it's more than about time to have a thread for a thing that will definitely have an impact on the future of pornography: The usage of AI for porn. What do you guys think of this? Technically there are not going to be any limits. What are the advantages and downsides of this in your eyes?
  2. AnthonyG23

    Favorite Porn Scene?

    Hello, what's your favorite porn scene you've watched? It can be only one or a top 3 if you want. You know those scenes that you can watch a hundred times and always does it for you
  3. cucurara

    Links Only Fans To Ban Sexually Explicit Videos Starting From Next October

    Only Fans company announced it's banning sexually explicit videos starting from next October. The company will prohibit users from posting any sexually explicit conduct, starting in October. Creators will still be allowed to post nude photos and videos, provided they’re consistent with...
  4. T

    Photos & Videos Porn Actors Who Look Similar To Celebrities

    Hey y’all I had an idea of creating a thread where we share male porn actors who look similar to celebrities that we know and adore. So the fantasy can live and flourish for ever. Of course I'll start with two who I personally think look similar to celebrities. 1. Jarec/Jarek Wentworth = Chris...
  5. J

    Jordan Ash, My Favorite Male Pornstar Died Recently At Age 42

    I'm sure there are some that know of his passing either on here or from social media/news articles, but after a long near 5 year battle with Cancer due to a brain tumor, he passed away in a hospice at the age of 42 the end of November this year. Even though I am straight, Jordan Ash was the...
  6. K

    Is There A Catholic Equivalent Of Mormon Boyz

    Is there a porn website that tackles relationships between Lay Altar Boys, Seminarians and Priests in the same way as Mormonboyz.