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  1. T

    PLS HELP ID this white bodybuilder in booty shorts doing a pool photoshoot

    PLEASE i've been trying to figure out who this beautiful man is: Bodybuilder Posing Outside at GayPorno.fm
  2. logan23

    Andrea Muzi [Italian bodybuilder]

    I haven't seen any posts on this Italian HUNK, His Insta is pure gold, with no nudity unfortunately. Follow him on Insta
  3. Marco86

    Photos & Videos Id Stud Doing Vacuums And Flexing Abs

    Any ID on this stud who has mastered doing abs vacuums and flexing his cobblestone abs? Any other similar vids by others?
  4. B

    Hot Men On Ryan Murphy Shows

    There are always hot actors on ryan murphys shows, so this thread is for their hottest moments! who has been your favorite so far?
  5. L

    Photo Verification :)

  6. G

    Pose Cast

    Any of the Pose cast? Great tv show
  7. C

    Jeremy Mcclain - Pose

    Has anybody got anything on the stunner that is Jeremy McClain from the series ‘Pose’ on FX? He’s unreal!