pouch underwear

  1. patroklos68

    New Pouch Find: Lockwood

    Very happy with a new brand I found called Lockwood- amazing pouch support for athletic underwear. LOCK-WOOD Athletic Training Gear Lockwood Pouch Support
  2. 1

    King Style Series C (erector) Brief

    Has anyone tried this Polyamide & Spandex Series C (erector) Brief from King Style Underwear: https://www.kingstyleunderwear.com/product-page/series-c-kitchen-chief-pattern-brief ? I believe this new brief features an improved waistband in comparison to the old model: Balls in One Erector...
  3. 1

    King Style Series C Briefs

    How many other guys have tried King Style Underwear? I wear the King Style Series C (erector style) briefs. The Vintage Coolmax Recreational Brief is the type that I usually wear: https://www.kingstyleunderwear.com/product-page/series-c-vintage-recreational-brief This type is by far my...
  4. O

    Affordable Supportive Pouch Boxer Briefs?

    I'm looking for brand recommendations. I like an "anatomically correct" pouch that keeps things lifted and supported and helps prevent that sweat-glue situation between the boys and the inner thigh. I love the way Andrew Christian feel, but I'm not crazy about all the neon. John Sievers brand on...
  5. socal1967

    Best underwear with a "junk pouch"?

    Hey guys, first post on this site. LOVING the content and have a quick question... I prefer to have underwear available to wear that has a pouch in the front where you can insert your dick or even balls and it really pushes your junk out making appear even bigger. Not so much so that others can...