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  1. petera

    Who Pays For Porn?

    I'm very curious about this... Who pays for (premium) porn? I mean, most of us are subscribed to one or more VOD services like Netflix or Amazon Prime... But what about paying for porn? Pornhub Premium seems to be interesting, but also big sites like Brazzers and Reality Kings... They exist and...
  2. F

    Photos & Videos Turtlexdove - Xtube

    Do you have premium videos from TurtleXDove's XTube profile? His selfsuck videos are very very hot!! TurtleXDove
  3. UpTheBracket

    Pornhub Premium

    Got a free week last week and have decided to keep it on. £10pm and every video is amazing. No fucking around for hours. Never ever paid for anything before. Feels weird. Would recommend.
  4. uniqueusernamexxx

    Disabling Gold Status

    Hey everyone! Really quick question. I wanted to try gold for one month and was wondering, how do I prevent it from reoccurring? (Opt out) Thanks in advance!!!
  5. E

    Help With .torrent Files

    ive got some files that were sent to me that are in .torrent format. They’re videos from a premium onlyfans site. I was wondering if anyone could help me make them into mp4 and you’d also get to keep the videos for yourself. If you want more info pm me.
  6. P

    Best Premium Website For Creampies?

    I am getting sick of videos in 240p. And when you search "Creampie" or "Breeding" on most free websites you just get bareback videos with the tops pulling out.
  7. P

    Photo Josepharistyy

    anyone have nudes of him, his sc is josepharistyy.