1. B

    Photos & Videos Volodymyr Zelensky

    Any hot pictures of the Ukrainian president are welcome here. Please don't turn it into a political discussion though or this thread will be deleted.
  2. V

    Luis Lacalle Pou (Uruguay 's President)

    Luis Alberto Aparicio Alejandro Lacalle Pou, President of Uruguay (2020/2025). Son of a former President and a Senator. He is also a lawyer and a surfer.
  3. Fuzzy_

    Why does trump lie so much?

    Trump shattered his dishonesty record making 103 false claims last week -- 15 per day. Trump was averaging 101 false claims per month, but just did 103 in a single week. His previous record for a week was 60. Trump is now at 1,829 false claims during his presidency. His average is 3.5 lies...