prince albert

  1. J

    Peicing my cock. Should I ? And if so what piercing is best

    years ago I had an ampallang. My ex didn't like it, and convinced me to take it out. Now I wish I still had it, but the healing time is inconvenient. Should I get a PA, or go back to the amp, or..... any suggestions
  2. M

    anyone know who this is?

    tatted country guy with a prince albert. seems pretty beefy and super fucking sexy
  3. blacktee

    Prince Albert Piercings

    Discussion, questions, experiences, and of course pics! I'll start the ball rolling - best decision I ever made.
  4. Bx90019

    ID this sweaty UK DILF Daddy

    Can anyone identify this guy?
  5. F

    Photo source video

    anyone know source video this picture? please let me know, this is so hot
  6. L

    Hey, Im Newish!

    Guy from Leeds UK here. Uploaded a few pics on a new album now that i’ve worked out how to do it! Open to chat etc Thanks
  7. kink_shame_me


    I’ve had a Prince Albert for almost 10 years now. Got it when I was 18. Haven’t seen many pierced guys on here! But maybe I’m just not looking hard enough. I’d love to start a thread where we can all show off!
  8. M

    Cockrings. Pa's What Is Your Opinion?

    I use y cock ring 24/7 is that good thing? I like it because it pulls by scrotum up tight and extends my cock. I started with about an 8 gauge now wear a 0 gauge. got to 00 but that was to F-ing heavy and to mush pressure on the head. i find most cocksuckers want it out, which i can understand...
  9. C

    Straight guy with prince albert piercing

    New topic