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  1. thehottestmenxx

    My First Year in Prison (Erotic gay drama)

    This story is a sequel to My First Year in College which you can read entirely on this thread. The action takes place around 9 years later in a whole different setting. You don’t have to have read the first book to enjoy the story but I would still recommend to do so as it will for sure better...
  2. Handyvanni

    Prison boys

    Listen…the prison industrial complex is really wild but that hasn’t stopped a tingle in my pants everytime i see a shoddy phone pic of a hot guy in prison. Looking for good stuff like bulges and butt flashes but also some really good stuff like sex vids!
  3. M

    Prison Nudity, Strip Searches, Showers - Real Only

    Here's a great series from Getty images of real convicts
  4. jrdnwn

    Group Prison Scene Id

    Anyone know what this was called/where it was originally from and if its available in better quality?
  5. T

    Video Help finding a jailhouse vid

    This is a long shot. About 20 years ago I saw a porn movie where a prisoner and a guard fuck in a cell, but it ends with the prisoner locking the guard in the cell and escaping. No idea of the title or any of the actors! Any ideas??
  6. RioDalston

    Video Hot jailbirds

    The dick, the tats, the hard cumming! And he gets his dick so slick! Tatted Inmate Jack Session | XTube Porn Video from J_Guttah