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  1. M

    Black And Latino Professionals

    This thread is a space to post accomplished black and Latino men--lawyers, doctors, entrepreneurs, etc.
  2. J

    Photos & Videos Prescott Vanmeyer Iii

    Felt like someone needed to make this thread.
  3. G

    Identify Gay Porn Twink

    Who is the bottom in the green shorts? Soooo sexy
  4. M

    Photo Professional/worker's Dick

    Mention your profession/work and post the photo of your dick.
  5. A

    Bryan Taylor Johnson Of

    Need his only fan members updates and photos
  6. BrahamCracker

    Hot pro wrestlers (all promotions)

    Seeing as the pro-wrestling world is expanding exponentially this year, I wanted to establish a thread for all the hotties outside of WWE’s realm. WWE talent is still welcome here but there’s a lot of sexy guys (and girls) who’ve never stepped through their ropes. I’ll start things off with a...
  7. milo1730

    Hoffman estates, more straight than gay d/l

    would love to find a buddy for no strings attached blow and go occasionally. Married and straight lifestyle here and looking for the same kind of friend.No resiprocation necessary. I’m Ok with that too. Just be a normal guy.
  8. hunglad94

    London city lads group

    Hey, are there any curious London City guys here that would like to meet like-minded people? Thought to create this thread for curious young lads working in the City, like myself, who would be interested in meeting after a busy day at work or on a weekend for a circle jerk. Could also just go...
  9. 8

    Big bulges in work/professional environments

    I love.. love love when men have tightly packed jeans and slacks in professional environments... This guy on stage has a big bulge and I love how he tucked his shirt to show it off...