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  1. B

    Photo ID - scam?

    So...I bet y'all have had this. It's the second time I post something similar in here. It's more like for closure, so that I can move on. So, I live in Berlin, Germany and am 41 years old. I guess I'm on the radar of scammers now... Anyways, this profile texts me out of nowhere, freshly...
  2. L

    Help me Find this site

    Hi everyone Recently I’ve seen some couple of videos like “Straight guys serviced” and the guys usually have glass like swimming goggles. If you guys search for something like “Straightboyz” videos will show up. I know there is a profile on X Videos (it’s a RED one) with all this videos...
  3. Drying Moments

    Drying Moments

  4. A

    Post Your Instagram - Mega List

    If you have Instagram, put your user name here! Enjoy sliding into DMs ;)
  5. ckassidas

    Hi - Not New But Haven't Used Site In Years, So Welcome Back!

    Check my profile out... not sure if this is allowed, its my xtube profile - sighco17's Profile Activities - Xtube.com - not in a relationship anymore. from Melbourne, Australia. Kinda really looking for friends, or just to be social. Let me know what you all think Chris