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  1. J

    Kinkymarcus / Holeslut69

    Hey everyone, Wanted to share with ya'll some variety content from the JFF of Kinkymarcus / Holeslut69. 19yr NL twink into fisting, rosebud, prolapse, "wrecked pig/pup" from his JFF description. Enjoy the content.. KinkyMarcus @ JustFor.Fans https://twitter.com/KinkyMarcus
  2. guyonline

    HungerFF's content

    His fisting/prolapse videos are a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine. Was wondering if anyone had any content of his to share. Wondering if buying into his site is worth it...
  3. J


    Wondering who the hell this guy is shoving every object known to man up his ass anyone know ?
  4. D

    Photo who likes to show his hole pics

  5. Capitolhillguy

    A gross gay booty question: pr*l*pse

    I was watching a very hot young porn star getting fucked and rimmed and part of his colon came out of his butt OMG. What causes that. Excessive fisting??? Won't his butt be a wreck by the time his is in his thirties if he keeps it up. Will it start falling out during the day??????? OMG!!!!
  6. 5

    Female anal missing genre (deepest, prolapse, gaping...)

    Here is a new thread for female anal stuff...