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public sex

  1. Banned from the gym

    Banned from the gym

    Ever been banned from the gym because of inappropriate sexual activity? I have. I used to work out at the YMCA downtown, which had a great steam room/sauna set up. The entrance for the men’s locker room was entered via the second floor, but the locker room had two floors. From the main locker...
  2. Open Showers

    Open Showers

    I miss open showers. In the Army I've seen various versions of the open showers, depending on which base I was in. At Fort Knox there were just open rooms. The biggest gym on post had about 10 shower heads in a square. Privacy from the actual locker room was just a standing wall where one...
  3. C

    Risky Outdoor Public Sex

    I know there's already a thread for public BAREBACK sex Bareback in public but this thread is focusing on the PUBLIC (location) & RISK aspect so it doesnt matter if condom is involved or not, just hot outdoor sex whther in bathroom, out in the open, in a car etc.
  4. 1

    Video Sexy Public Displays

    Anybody have videos of guys doing sexual things in public (from masturbation to sex)?
  5. Wales1909

    South West And Wales Uk Cruising Areas

    Let’s make a list of the best cruising areas in the south west and South Wales area. There are some great ones about but what’s your favourite and easiest place to hook up. Any open glory holes would be a dream too. M4 Cardiff Gate services. - great any time of the day at the urinals. Bute...
  6. Adomfg

    Street hookers!!!

    Hey guys, I'm really into my hookers walking the streets. Anyone here regularly pick them up ? And what reactions did you get to your xlarge cock ? A few of mine were: 1) After the blowjob (very toothy) she said, "Your cock is fucking thick, my jaw hurts now!" 2) After she put her hand around...