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  1. P

    ALEXSUCKS (Alex Alvarez)

  2. S

    Boys Will Be Boys

  3. gothtwink

    20 yr in canada

    yer i’m shit at making intros but here’s a random hello x
  4. P

    Photos & Videos Jony Sios

    He is a makeup artist, tiktoker, youtuber, a friend of Yungblud, and was in the circus. Incredibly hot and creative! Just thought to make a thread for him.
  5. E

    Nascar Aloe

    Anyone have any good pics of this sexy cambodian punk? love me some hot punk dudes and he is so cute too.
  6. Foxblud

    Hello From Maine

    Ello! I'm Fox (34, pansexual female) and I'm ridiculously obsessed with YUNGBLUD. He's literally my kink. I adore cute emos/fem boys/punks.
  7. Oyster21


    I'm super crazy on punk rock boys but it seems like they're very rare in gay porn. So far those are the only ones i've found: https://thegay.com/videos/722841/berlin-bonking-bastards/ 11:40- The one with green mohawk is named Marcus, he's appeared in a few Cazzo vids, 1:20:00- Looking for more...
  8. imonlyafox

    Alternative Boy New Onlyfans

    Hey guys, just stared a new OnlyFans and would really appreciate the support. i’ve posted 3 previews here, it would be great if you guys would subscribe. it’s only $6.00 and i’ll be posting weekly :) right now i have 12 pictures up and 3 videos @imonlyafox
  9. S

    Taylor York Of Paramore

    Anything on Taylor York?
  10. V


    emome92 just started an OnlyFans. I don't know if anyone is subscribed to it, but he used to post hot stuff on Tumblr, so I thought I'd share the photos I saved from there before they nerfed all the porn. OF: OnlyFans Insta: @emome92 • Instagram photos and videos Tumblr: Log in | Tumblr...
  11. E

    Propainpapi (huge hispanic cock) from tumblr?

    Anyone have more pics or vids of him? He would often upload then, only to delete them a few days later. Many of his pics were also on his.... “friend’s” pages too. I will upload the ones I can find.