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  1. AgreeJe_

    Photos & Videos Reddit user u/jesuispandore

    I can't believe there wasn't a thread about this guy already on here. I've been checking on his account since 2021 and have just been amazed by all his pics and even vids. He recently purged his account in early 2023, dunno why but afterwards he still kept posting stuff. I think he claims to be...
  2. Emarca13524

    TnF_Junkie from Reddit

    For the last few days I've been trying to find the identify of this guy, and after digging for awhile I've found out that he went by the name TnF_Junkie on Reddit. From what I've found, he was on Reddit at least from 2013-2014, but his Reddit account has been deleted and I've barely been able to...
  3. AgreeJe_

    u/NsfwDrawingAccount big twink dick from reddit

    Hey all, just wanted to share this user I found on reddit. Unfortunately, their last post and comment was on November 2020, which is like almost 3 years ago now, but nonetheless they made good art and most importantly they have a massive dick.
  4. AgreeJe_

    Photo u/Stormsurge__ unbelievably huge dick from reddit

    This reddit user's name was u/Stormsurge__ and they deleted their account a few hours ago. I managed to save a bunch of their pics before that and would like to know if anyone else could identify who this is or help with finding a new account they created. They also had a post in r/penissize...
  5. V

    Anything about "SecretSwan24"?

    Does anyone know anything about secretswan24? He posted some nudes on gay reddit communities, But ended up disappearing and deleting their accounts.
  6. S

    Danny Ferreira/Taylor - Real Person?

    Hi all, I recently stumbled across this guy going by Danny Ferreira on Reddit and Danny Taylor on OF. He's either absolutely gorgeous... or a bit too good to be true, in a Dr. Enzo sort of way (for those who don't know, "Dr. Enzo" is a fake person created by AI-assisted photoshop, masquerading...
  7. D

    Redditor Gogojamz

    Anyone have pics or videos of reddit user u/gogojamz? He may have a had a different username at one point. I believe he was active on either r/BigLatinDicks or r/Mexicancocks, around late 2021 through early 2022. I have a link for his old Redgifs account. The two videos recovered are attached:
  8. M

    Looking for this guy - dlbro1213 or Mclovinseajay

    Hey guys - there's this really hot guy on snap and goes by CJ. His username is mclovinseajay (snap) and had an older accounts under dlbro1213 and luvcjtop. His user on reddit is InterviewFeisty4295. Does anyone have more on him? He looks like he's packing.
  9. M

    Name if this reddit / ladybonersgw user?

    Hello, looking for the following hot gentleman in the images below. I forgot his username and image search was unfortunately unhelpful. Added a couple of videos just for the hell of it, thank you guys in advance.
  10. C

    AndresGuedez0 and Joelinblue

    AndresGuedez0 Andrés Guédez (u/AndresGuedez0) - Reddit OnlyFans
  11. Anonmech

    Reddit user Selevtar07

    He does a lot of blacksmithing live shows and is consistently on the front of r/theyoushow
  12. 3

    tonyg03 / xlancexxx - Huge dick twink

    Former redditor u/tonyg03 or u/xlancexxx. Skinny twink with massive 8.5" cock He would consistently post and then delete, but I managed to save a few. He left reddit entirely for a while, then came back as xlancexxx. Sadly his account was recently suspended. If anyone has any other content...
  13. 3

    GammaSemiMoron - 10 inches?

    Former reddit user GammaSemiMoron who claimed to be 10 inches. It seems pretty believable, and he did have a measured pic, but as others pointed out in another thread, it does look like it could be edited. Anyhow, he had an amazing dick and I'm sad that he left the internet. If you have any...
  14. L


    Hey guys, first forum creation here. I used to follow this guy on reddit. Would love to know if anybody knows where he’s posting now or who he is. Really wanna see him in action.
  15. rustytromboneaday

    Someone With This Pic Was Trying To Catfish On Reddit. Anybody Know Where To See More Of Him?

    Hoping for pictures of the real guy assuming there’s actually anything at all
  16. 1

    Photo Do You Know The Name Of This Reddit Guy?

  17. G

    Id Help Please

    Can anyone help me ID this dude?
  18. CoffeeCat

    Photo Reddit User Jocksj

    Anyone got his stuff? He was really hot but deleted his account a while ago ;-;
  19. Z

    Swissydablon - Reddit Twink

    Please please can anybody have more pics or info on this reddit twink. He’s so fucking hot. Reddit username is SwissyDablon