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  1. D

    411 on Liam (sexy Brit)

    Hello - has anybody had the pleasure of meeting Liam? Super hot and looking to see him. Mottingham/London based. Any views welcome too! X male escort Liam , 32yr from Nottingham, UK - Midlands (United Kingdom)
  2. G


    Hey guys, does anyone knows this hot male insta or any other social media ? he is an escort in Paris, well reviewed and dominant
  3. T

    Sydney Escorts

    Hi all, any recommendations on escorts in Sydney. I'm looking for buff, muscle, masculine with a nice package. I know our old thread got closed and hoping someone could make suggestions. I know MassagebyBen is around as well as Hunghugh who both seem good. If anyone can share some thoughts?
  4. F

    Caramel_Drizzle rentmen

    Please do not hire app.rent.men/Caramel_Drizzle (Real name Gideon Brown). I asked him if he was available to meet today and he said he was. But when the time came, I got to the motel location, he wasn’t there yet. Made me wait in the cold for over an hour. When he got there, he didn’t even say...
  5. A

    _tony_mc__ on IG

    _tony_mc__ , a Croatian hung living in Dubai and traveling around a Globe as a scort. Alexxiovip on rentmen. What a life! Has anybody ever met him?
  6. J

    Dominic T from RentMen

    Does anyone have the tea on him? His profile is inactive and I want to know more about him! DominicT - Male Escort - Hartford, CT | Rent.Men
  7. BigBootyGlobalTrotter

    Id This Brazilian Escort?

    This is his Rentmen Anybody have his instagram? Pietro_vipxl - Pornstar Performer, Rentboy, Gay Massage in Vienna, Austria | RentMen
  8. Blakebnyc

    Hello From Nyc!

    Hi all! I am new here, just wanted to connect with you! Very sex positive here and would love to make connections in NYC. I am true versatile, I like loading and being loaded. I sometimes work as an escort and really enjoy my work. I’m also on twitter and onlyfans @blakebennettnyc
  9. G

    Fred Turgis / Fred Taylor - Hot Instagram Model

    Anybody has more photos of this hot guy? (Instagram name: fred.taylor.80 )
  10. sexfanatic

    Diaries Of An Escort - @bebedelr (twitter)

    This dude is an escort on Twitter and just started a new Just For Fans. His name is Pedro Zbutea. Pedro (@BebedelR) | Twitter Instagram DiariesOfAnEscort @ JustFor.Fans
  11. P

    Anyone With Rent.men Premium??

    I need a favor, I’ll be really grateful if someone can help me :( PLEASE!!!
  12. 1

    Patrik rajcsanyi

    Anything on this boy? Patrik Rajcsányi (@patrikrajcsanyi) • Instagram photos and videos Straight instafitnessblogger with RENTMEN profile offering escort service NatanXXX - Pornstar Performer, RentMen, Gay Massage - Los Angeles, CA | Rent.Men
  13. D

    Rentmen reviews

    Hey guys would like to start a thread reviewinf various guys from Rentmen.com since the website itself very much limit the info you can post. I'll start one. ZachDuncan - Pornstar Performer, RentMen, Gay Massage - Chicago, IL | Rent.Men I've hooked up with him a few times, he's very...
  14. D

    Clark campbell aka forrest sean cody

    Does anybody know if he's available as an escort anywhere?
  15. O

    Photo Xxldavid geneva rentmen need help!

    guys, i accidentally deleted his hot pics with 9 inch cut cock and he no more shows on rentmen ... had by chance anyone saved them!? Rentmen community i need your help! I can give you his number if you want.
  16. X

    Photo Vinnyb on rentmen

    God he’s so fine !!! If anyone can get more pics/vids/ or social media info share plz
  17. S

    Rentmen atlanta

    Can anyone get the videos from this guy? Angelsebastian - Pornstar Performer, RentMen, Gay Massage - Atlanta, GA | Rent.Men
  18. S

    Ig hottie/escort travis dyson @tldyson

    I've been on his rentmen profile before but i forgot his username so I was hoping one of you guys would know what it is and link it. Maybe theres even more out there of him. Thanks