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  1. B

    La Pump - Foreskin Restoration Cylinder

    Hey guys - getting ready to order a pump from LA Pump and noticed they have a cylinder specifically for foreskin restoration - has anyone used it? Success stories? Thanks! Here is the link to the product: Foreskin Restoration Cylinder - L.A. Pump
  2. Sneaker1st

    Photo Old

  3. D

    Uncut Vs. Cut - The Great Debate!

    I’ve noticed that a lot of guys (myself included) seem to often prefer the opposite of what they have! Uncut guys often wish they were cut - and even electively are getting it done, and often preferring/envying cut cocks. Also - cut guys longing for uncut cocks, wishing they were uncut, and...
  4. Lost cover


    After many years of wanting this. I finally got it done and even done it my self. Check my new frenum piercing
  5. C

    Video Files Repairing

    Hello On my computer there are some video files that are broken can someone restore them? Thanks in advance.
  6. 1

    Circ thoughts

    I wish I was as nonchalant as most of the board members here. My life consists of lamenting something that I should have had the right to keep and will never truly get back. Will never know what it’s like to have a manhood as it was supposed to be. I feel violated and raped most of the time. My...
  7. P

    Foreskin restoration

    Should I start restoring my foreskin? I'm in my teens and I know it will take a long time but I wanna know other peoples experiences, especially since I'm gonna be doing it manually by hand cause I can't buy any tugging machines and stuff like that. Does it actually feel any better? will it...