1. JayPR

    Masturbation in public restrooms: Have you done it? How often?

    Apparently, men masturbating in public restrooms is pretty common. I wouldn't have thought. I only did it twice in my office building restroom a while ago because I was very horny and needed the release. In a mall or an airport, too noisy, many distractions and the risk of getting caught...
  2. Banex

    The Waiter

    [True] Taking clients out for drinks is the most tedious thing I can imagine. Having to get drunk with people you only associate with because they pay your Agency a fee is not my idea of a good time. But a job is a job - so a few Thursdays ago that's what I did. We took four clients out - 3...
  3. Banex

    The Subway & The Guy

    After a long day, I was ready to get home, take off my shirt and tie, grab a beer and just fall asleep in front of a tv. I hit send on my last e-mail and headed for the subway at around 7:30. The subway station was scattered with all types of people. The stairwell at my destination subway...
  4. kvxper

    Glory gole restrooms etc. New york

    Is any public restrooms in nyc to suck some dick? I would Love suck some stranger dick Or any public cruising spots No erotic shops etc
  5. HunkReinolds

    Videos of guys being Seduced

    This is a thread for videos that show men being seduced/convinced to show their cocks or even have sex, but specifically for videos that show the guy being seduced from the beginning, not just the sex part. This could happen in any situations like public parks, bathrooms, taxi/uber rides etc...
  6. N

    ID This Public Restroom Muscle Stud

    Anyone know who this sexy fucker is? I've got off to this like 4 times now lol
  7. D

    True Story - First Time in a Public Restroom

    TRUE STORY So this is my first post bare with me as it’s a bit long but wanted to get as much detail in as I could and hope you enjoy… I used to have this friend (we’ll call them Tom for the purposes of privacy), we hung out a lot and got close to the point we revealed we’d had sexual thoughts...
  8. G

    Photos & Videos Hot Slut Sucking Cock In Public Toilet

    Hi guys, This community is always so generous and helpful when it comes to high-end porn; today I need your expertise for a specific request. I'm looking for the video the following screenshot is taken from. Any ideas where to find it? It's kind of short (11 seconds), but intense. It was...