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  1. A

    Any interesting road trip habits/stories?

    There's no way I'm the only person that does this. Usually if I'm on a road trip I'll drive in just a t shirt and briefs, or just briefs, or just a t shirt as soon as it starts to get dark and during the day in really rural areas. Regardless, I always wear shoes and socks. I drive a tall Jeep...
  2. D

    Jack Duff

    Absolutely love this guy ever since his Roadtrip days. He just gets hotter and hotter as the years pass. Look at that body and those hairy nips! Just wish he wouldn't shave them... Anyone else got and good stuff of him??
  3. P

    M4f Road Trip Ny To Az

    This is my first personals ad on this site. I am a 100% Hetero man on this site, Ive been here for a number of years. I might be one of the very few men that have met a woman on here. But it's true, I met 2. Almost a 3rd, but she decided to delete her account. I will be traveling through PA...
  4. B


    English and Irish Boyband based in London
  5. alexjedward

    Brooklyn Wyatt (singer)

  6. alexjedward

    Rye Beaumont (roadtriptv Boyband)

  7. T

    Rea Beaumont

  8. 1

    Rye beaumont (roadtrip)

    Has anyone got anything else?
  9. alexjedward

    Roadtriptv (andy and rye)